Water Cop on sale at the Smartest House $39.99 Plus other great items

The Smartest House has the Z-Wave Water Cop on sale for $39.99 if any one is interested.


Added to Deals…this sounds like a steal if these things are any good!

Thanks Mark for adding it. Looks like a great buy. Plus those Zooz Smart Plugs at $26.95.

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Also CT101 thermostat for $34

Updated original post, with other sales.


Doesn’t look like what’s currently on Amazon (below)…don’t know much about these - is the one on sale at Smartest House an older generation? The one on Amazon matches what’s on www.watercop.com.


That one looks like what Amazon calls “WaterCop Classic” - no Z-wave. Granted, the one on TSH isn’t Z-wave plus but it doesn’t look like the mfr is offering that yet - I’d say the one on offer is current.

FWIW, this is what The Smartest House said about it in their email:
How are you getting this price?!
We snagged the WaterCop overstock inventory from a utility company that was closing their smart home shop. It’s all brand new and we could sell these kits for much more than 40 bucks. But rather than have you spend a $100 on a half-baked solution, we wanted you to have heavy-duty hardware made in the U.S. for a tenth of the retail cost. We’re fools and we thought you should know :smiley:


My main concern is that it doesn’t appear to allow manual control without power and the brass part is custom. The models that clamp on to a regular valve allow you to easily replace a leaking valve while this one might end up costing quite a bit if you must get the valve from WC. Also, the bolt-on ones can surely be controlled manually as well.

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Thanks. Interesting that they still only show the older version on their own site…on the watercop site they have a note about Zwave and custom installs.


The little bump on the opposite side of the pipe in the picture is the manual emergency shut off. Right now, the smartest house also has the valve only for $9.95.

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Here is the Smartest House page. https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/collections/on-sale/products/watercop-z-wave-electric-actuator-motor-for-leak-prevention-overstock-deal
Shows Z-Wave and SmartThings compatible.

This page has a kit (with 3/4" valve only) for $39.

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It’s the same $40 from @TheSmartestHouse with or without the valve.

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Yup…and they only sell the 3/4" valve. :slight_smile:

And you can get a 3/4" to 1/2" or 1" fitting from any plumbing supply.

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My internal hoarder wants one.


Pretty loud and not so internal, eh? :smiley:


Sssshh… :shushing_face:

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Yessss. Must resist

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