The Smartest House Labor Day Sale (until 9/4/18)

(jkp) #1


Ordered some stuff last night … and it’s already shipping :smile: … my go-to Z-Wave store, LOL. But they’re on the other side of the continent and may be shipping it Express Tortoise … we’ll see how long it takes :wink:

UPDATE: Yup, Express Tortoise (ground shipping) … freight plane probably couldn’t handle the weight of the two WaterCops I ordered, LOL …

(Mark) #3

is it just me, or was anyone else hoping they’d have more devices than the ones on that list eligible for their labor day sale?

Edit: Also I was thinking of getting one of the zooz heavy duty switches a few weeks ago, but I said to myself I might as well wait til they announce their labor day sale. I’m pretty sure the price was the same then as it is now though?


Yeah we try to get whatever we can on the plane with Priority mail but you’ll see how heavy they are once you get them :wink: They’re the most expensive items to ship we currently have. Normally, almost anything else can fit into some sort of plane-friendly packaging and weight limit.

Thanks for coming back to our store, we hope to see you back soon :slight_smile:


This product had been marked down a while ago but the price during the sale is still a couple bucks cheaper than before, and $10 cheaper than Amazon :slight_smile:

(Hector) #6

I ordered some of the motion sensors which with the coupon the price was amazing and recieved it today so shipping was fast.