$23 hank z-wave plus smart plug hkzw-so0

Turn floor lamps & small appliances on and off remotely (do NOT use with transformers)
Check energy use in live mode or over time*
Associate with other devices for custom automation
Charge your smart phone or tablet at one of the 2 USB ports (no Z-Wave functionality)
Restores original status after power failure
Customize the LED indicator and other features with advanced settings*
AES signal encryption
Acts as signal repeater, also to secure devices such as door locks
Overload protection
Supports over-the-air firmware updates
1-year warranty

These look to be the same as the monoprice smart plugs - I have two and they work well. Good price.

Good Price.

Just got spoiled after I purchased 10 Iris Plugs at $12 per. That was a steal! Think I might grab a couple of these just because the kids are always stealing the iPhone Wall Warts.

Shame the USB ports aren’t controllable with z-wave. I have tablets that I hate leaving plugged in 24x7 because that inevitably causes the batteries to expand. I could easily use IFTTT to turn the USB ports on/off when certain max/min battery levels are reached if the ports were controllable.


Thanks for posting. I’m loving the 2 I picked up from monoprice, so i’ll grab a few more.

edit: scratch that. no free shipping. cheapest option was $7.25 for me. I think i’ll wait for another free shipping sale.

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Hank is a new value brand, not the same as Monoprice although in some cases they are using what looked to be the same casings. You should start seeing this brand around a lot more in the coming months. I may be mistaken, but I think all of the hank devices are zwave plus, which is not true of the Monoprice. :sunglasses:

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The ones from Monoprice are indeed Z-Wave Plus. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15654

I can’t wait for Hank to give us some more values!

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Hank’s other goodies


Are the rest of their products available anywhere yet? I’m interested in seeing the pricing of the in-wall switch and IR transceiver. Both would be useful for my planned setup.

Where can we find these? I could use some RGBW bulbs at a more affordable price.

The deal in the first post is from @TheSmartestHouse . They may know if any of the other Hank products are going to be available in the US soon. :sunglasses:

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Sure! The Smart Plug is all there is from Hank for now. They’re a new brand and we don’t have a release schedule for any of their other products as they’re still in development. But if you don’t see them on our website, you probably won’t see them anywhere else.

Also, Monoprice sells this and other devices as “no-brand” so if you see something that looks very similar to what you know under a different brand, it’s probably picked up at the same factory but without any enhancements or improvements offered by actual brand owners.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Googling the part number for the bulb I found a couple Chinese sites were you could order them directly from factory in lots of 100. If you were planning on doing your entire house with them or something.

Anyone get one of these and try it with a lamp? I have 2 identical LED lamps, one plugged into the standard SmartThings smart plug and one into this. The SmartThings plug reads the power perfectly as expected. The Hank one measures at a factor of roughly 30:1. I tested it with LED, CFL, and incandescent. My 60W incancdescent bulb measures out at about 1800W. I tried switching the bulbs and lamps - the results are consistent - anything in the Hank plus reads at 30x. So is this a bad unit or am I the only one to try one of these with a lamp?

Are you using the custom DTH they link on the product page?

Yes. Same result with both that one and the generic one it installs on its own (Z Wave Metering Switch).

I hope you have sunblock


Any body else have an issue with this measuring correctly?

I’m trying to control my 1 year old 5000 btu Frigidaire AC unit. The specs say 400 watts cool…but when i use the smart plug, it says i’m using 18.34 Amps and 119.236 V and between 1700-2450 watts. I’ve never seen it drop below 1700 watts, even when the only thing running is the fan.

I have 2 Smart Plugs…both read 1700+ watts on this window AC unit.

When i use these same plugs on a 6000 btu window AC unit, i see between 800-900 watts which is more reasonable, but still a little high, because the spec sheet says 535 watts cooling.

Has anyone tried these with a high wattage device like an AC or Kettle? I had to turn off the overload protection to get it to stay on with an 8000 BTU AC rated at 1500 Watts, although the relay in the switch is rated for 1800 Watts.

I’ve connected switches like this to ACs in the past for entire seasons without ever blowing a fuse or burning out the device.

Just got one of these - will not join my network.

Tried first w/out adding any DTH. No go.

Then added the Zooz DTH linked to above, and the outlet still can’t be found/paired.

It is in pairing mode - blinks at regular rate.

LOL…NVM, it must have seen me posting, on the umpteenth try it joined.