Where is the delete/add user hidden these days?

Can someone remind me where I go to delete (and later add) a user to the account?

I want to remove my wife (who’s got a new iPhone), delete her app/account, and then re-add from scratch in the (likely futile) attempt to get location services working on her phone :grinning: But I can’t remember nor find where to do this in the latest app.


From favorites, 3 dots, Manage location/Members, Members

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Just last night we replaced an older iPhone with a new one. Restored new one from backup. Didn’t have to do much of anything to have ST working.
Turn off “Get my location from this phone” (The old one)
Turn on “Get my location from this phone” (New one)
Re-do the routines, since the location device changed.
Double-checked that new iPhone was sharing location.
Hope this helps, but maybe not…

I have already tried the new phone setup (toggled the location setting a couple of times), to no avail. Did not think to turn off location from the old phone though - too late for that since its gone.

Never mind - finally found it buried in the “manage locations” setting accessed from a drop down on the favorites page.