The "OneApp" moniker. Avoid or not?

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You mean Bing?

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Every time I see “bing” as a search it reminds me of the machine that doesn’t actually do anything but go “bing” from a monty python sketch.


Remember that this ( announced in January 2016) was part of the original plan:

I’m sure the original idea for the Connect app was to enable the extend functionality for the 2017 televisions.

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Instead, they released it as a nvidia Shield TV add-on, 9 months after promising it with release of shield tv 2017, at an extra cost, and only available in the US. AND it doesn’t work properly with some zigbee devices.


They’ve said the Nvidia engineering team did all the work on the Shield project, for what that’s worth.


:joy: No - Yahoo

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Interesting. Still not a full replacement for a smartthings hub though, and the single country release was just frustrating.