The Next Generation of SmartThings is Here

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Tazeem - not sure if anyone replied to your question in the midst of all the protocol discussion. I (and many) have included somfy rts through the somfy ZRTSI device which does the zwave to RTS translation. Each device has 16 virtual devices so you can program motors or groupings. Search in the device integration thread.

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What is inside the little V2 hub:

EM3587 Silicon Labs Integrated ZigBee/802.15.4 System-on-Chip

SkyWorks SE2432L 528JX 2.4 GHz Smart Energy/ZigBee Front End Module

nRF51822 Nordic Bluetooth Smart and 2.4GHz proprietary SoC

Sigma Designs ZM5304 Z-Wave Serial Interface Module with On-Board Antenna FCC ID:D87-ZM5304-U

Freescale Semiconductor MCIMX6L2DVN10AB Single-Core, Low Power, EPD Controller, ARM Cortex-A9 Core
Samsung k4b4g1646d-bck0 DDR3-1600 256MX16-1600

Samsung KLM4G1YEMD-B031 moviNAND 4GB

Micrel KSZ8081RND10Base-T/100Base-TX PHY with RMII Support

Hub v2 Antenna Orientation
Smartthings Hub v2 Bluetooth?
Hub v2 Antenna Orientation
Buying Gen 5 Sensors - A bad idea?
V2 Hub and Bluetooth
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Teardown SmartThings v2 Hub


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Buying Gen 5 Sensors - A bad idea?
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This is interesting. Thanks. Looks like it will at some point have the ability to join the zigbee network created by modern utility meters.


That Skyworks chip is a power amplifier (TX) and low noise amplifier (RX) for the radio signal. ZigBee Smart Energy is part of the ZCL (protocol stack) and could use the same hardware as HA, but I don’t think the stack would work on two networks at once, and the channel will probably be different anyway.

The “Smart Energy” in the description is for marketing I guess.

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While I would love to see integration with smart meters, I wouldn’t get your hopes up in seeing this sort of functionality anytime soon. The zigbee networks used by the utilities are vital for billing and grid monitoring. By allowing third party devices to interface with those networks they open themselves up to a level of risk that most utilities are not comfortable with.

But that aside we can still dream…

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Actually, many of the Smart Meters (for instance, the Landis+Gyr EMS Gridstream RF w/Zigbee) being installed have two separate radio networks. One, a 900mhz network is used for communication back to the utility, while a separate Zigbee SE network is available to — optionally — control high load Zigbee SE compatible devises with each residence having it’s own private Zigbee SE network with the meter as the hub.

Consumers are also able to enable access to the data generated by the meter using, on an individual basis, the end user purchasing a Zigbee SE client such as those available from I just need to provide the utility with the a hardware address (MAC?) from the USB stick etc and I can get linked up.

Having two Zigbee chips in the SmartThings hub would have allowed the hub to join directly without adding more … hub like devices.


I have the same question…did you get any replies?

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No reply yet. I saw Ben post somewhere they would be coming back. But no answer as to when.

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We are going to be releasing a new kit in the next 2-3 weeks.

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Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to jump in as well…!

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Hi @Ben , new to the community and I’ve been eagerly awaiting and looking forward to new v2 hub! It should be a week or so now based on the last post.

Are we able to pre-order now?


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Check out Amazon… It has been available forever now. :wink: Not sure about the ST store. Sorry, buddy! You missed all the action and welcome to the community!

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I think he was referring to the pack not just the hub

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You can buy the new kit at Best Buy right now.

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oops! 20 embarrassed chars!

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Ah that’s awesome! Thank you @smart, @jody.albritton

I’ve been searching the Canadian based stores … just place my order with BestBuy :smile:

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I am fairly new to Smart Things and I want to know which presence/arrival sensor is actually the second generation sensor. When I google SmartSense presence sensor vs Smart Things Arrival sensor, the official Smart Things products site display the same picture for both. But I think one of them is round and the other rectangular. Which is which and what is the difference? Which one should I buy?

Thanks for your help!!


For that particular device, the only difference between the two is the outside plastic case. The internal device that actually does the sensing is exactly the same. You can buy whichever when you want, they will work the same. The round one is the older generation.

Gen 1

Gen 2

The attachment location for the second generation is a hole through the plastic case itself, not just the rubber band around it, so it might be a little more durable for kids.

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The rectangular ones are newer, but the circuitry inside is said to be identical.