CNET Article - Bad Press For SmartThings


Wow and now we’ve hit CNET, which is pretty mainstream. I think this is the best thing to happen to both the community and ST as it will push ST management to really address these issues or face even further public outcry. It’s do or die time. Thank you @Shelley_Powers!


I don’t, I think it’s bad. NO customers= no business = out of business. I work for the largest outdoor advertising company in the world I’ve seen this happen many times.


ATTENTION - Alex Hawkinson

I suggest you give Bruce and the SmartTiles people a call and make them your highest paid employees before SmartThings goes under and these guys are sitting pretty laughing all the way to the bank working for someone else.

How much do money do you think a bad press report from CNET costs your company? Millions?


So what’s the alternative? Suck it up, be ignored and fight a platform that is not ready to absorb a mass commercial push? It is time to face the reality. Lingering bugs = exodus = out of business too!


I understand but the system would be useless if they go out of business. Alex is involved and made some promises that are going to take place within the next few months. Why don’t we just give him a chance? What’s next the NY Times?

I see your relatively new to this forum. ST has been making promises for 2 years that stability would get better and it’s gotten worse. It has never received this level of attention. They now have a chance to make things right while the world is watching.


Trust me I’ve been doing my research. I believe Alex became involved within the last couple months. It’s very rare to see CEO of a large company on a public forum.

Actually he’s been involved for the past couple of years. Not trying to criticize you, I think we all want the same things, but I am noticing some of us who been here awhile have less patience and tolerance right now, that is all. I do think their intentions now are in the right place. I just hope the damage isn’t too severe.

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I understand everyone’s frustrations with ST. I believe it has a lot of potential and I just want to see them succeed.


I don’t think anyone here wanted ST to fail but the CEO did make multiple promises before with no delivery so it’s about time it’s getting out there.

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Why would the system be useless? Yes the Hub would be. But I would just take all my Zwave\Zigbee devices to whichever company learns from ST mistakes…

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It’s very troubling that a CEO or anything above a manager should ever feel the need to jump in to address systematic problems or make apologies for failures. And I understand you want SmartThings to succeed. We all want the same.

However, many are skeptical that things will be any different this time around than previous times:

December 2014

“I know it feels like we’ve been way too quiet on the roadmap, and I agree with you. It’s a function of the whirlwind we’ve been in since last Spring from funding to acquisition to ramp up planning. The silence will end starting next week at CES, and I do think you’ll be excited about what we are doing. I will make an effort to be as transparent as possible in the roadmap going forward.”

September 2015

"Are you referring to the current limitations on which devices and SmartApps are able to run locally?
If so, that is something where we will very rapidly expand the list in the coming days and weeks. "


“Sorry Bruce. It pains me to hear those things, but I do think we are improving pretty rapidly right now and also have more resources to get more done in parallel than in the past. We’ll keep trying to do better.”

March 2016

“I am fully aware of the current issues around platform reliability and the associated impacts to SHM app executions that many of you are facing. Our team from the CTO down is working around the clock to fix these issues by improving underlying platform architecture and associated scheduled SmartApp execution.”


Only the strong survive. ST needs to get things cleaned up or perish.

Lest we coddle a weakling and never have a stable system.

If ST dies because it cannot turn this around, that opens up a stream of revenue for someone that can execute.

Cold, but that’s the way it be.

I believe the IDEA has potential. I don’t know if the organization does, in fact many reasons have been given to believe the opposite despite some great individuals (Hi @slagle, et al).

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wow, didn’t think I’d see the day of a negative ST article on a major publication. I wonder how much more traffic @Shelley_Powers blog is getting today…

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Interesting that people are lapping up this CNET article up after many accused SmartThings for paying CNET for positive reviews, make up your minds! :smile:

Also interesting that CNET is getting into he said / she said school playground journalism, reporting from personal blogs. Maybe not enough people are paying CNET for positive reviews any more? :smile:

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You are conflating.

Different people.

Attack the community. Attack cnet. It’s a conspiracy against ST.

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Trust me, CNET does not get paid to positively or negatively review products.

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HAHAHAHAA, brilliant, you couldn’t have retracted that attack of your own any quicker but’s it’s okay, I saw it before you edited it :wink:

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Thanks @JH1 for the sentiment. Thanks for the compliment as well. I hope I can live up to your expectations. :worried:

We’re working very hard to deliver on the promises of Alex’s thread last week. It’s visceral in some ways, our eng team is insanely passionate right now about being on a bug finding and crushing expedition.