The Laundryroom Echo

So we bought some new stuff during some of the recent sales and ended up with an extra echo show five. That’s the little one. We weren’t sure what to do with it since we already have echoes in pretty much every room, but we realized we didn’t have one in the laundry room, so we put it in there on the shelf above the washer.

It’s turned out to be amazingly useful. The laundry room is towards the back of the house and this way when somebody comes to the front door we can immediately see who it is. That in itself is very useful.

Second, one of the reasons we hadn’t had one in there before is because of the ambient noise from the appliances. It turns out echo is able to hear us just fine, and with the screen, we see answers that we might not hear, especially for things like “what’s the weather?,” which turns out to be one of my roommate’s favorite questions when he’s doing the laundry, because then he can put his clothes for that day on the top of the basket.

Third, we like being able to use the “guard“ feature for that room.

We also use it as an intercom.

I was really surprised that it ended up being such a good place for it. The largest show models would be too big for that shelf, but the screen is surprisingly helpful there.

I’m not sure if the relatively high humidity in that room will turn out to take a toll on the device, but I think it’ll be OK. And if it’s not, it didn’t cost that much to begin with.

All in all, a pleasant surprise. :sunglasses:


I bet it’ll be okay. Not the same device but I’ve had an Echo Dot (Gen 2) in my garage for about two years. It gets close to 110 in there in the summer with high humidity sometimes. It’s still going strong.

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