Using the same Echo Dot in multiple rooms

My echo dot is currently located in the front room. Is there a way to install a microphone ect in bedrooms so if you say something in your room like shut off lights it’ll transfer through the microphone and allow the echo dot to turn off the lights?

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Not that I know of. There is this app called Alexa Listens (at least on Android) that allows your device to be listening all the time to Echo commands and execute them in your Echo. Amazon needs to create an Echo mic extender (always on) that you can plug in to any room and communicate with your echo. This will truly bring the whole IoT home automation to a different level.


I actually do this. I got some Microphones and cables and a Mixer. I plug the mics and a headphone into the mixer and put one of the ear muffs on the top of the dot. I take the audio out jack from the dot and connect it to a house speaker amp. (I also do it for my back yard around the pool)


This remote wouldn’t work if you are searching for “always listening”, but should work otherwise:

There’s an app called Roger that will work through your smart phone. Unfortunately, it’s not hands-free.

i used our old 2 way baby monitor to send instructions to Alexa in another room

Placed one of the receivers about 5 ft from the unit to reduce feeback

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I’m using this app and it works great. The developer is really fast with responses to suggestions also. The app can be set to always listen, but the screen has to be on to get this to work, and when it’s enabled, you lose “ok google” functionality.

I have my phone set up so that it will wake and unlock with “ok google” (via Moto Voice app), and I can launch the Alexa Listens app with a voice command, but once it launches you have to tap the microphone to start voice recognition. I sent a request to the developer to see if he could add an option for the app to open straight to voice recognition mode…he replied and said he should be able to fit that in to the next release. If he can do that, it’ll be a truly hands-free option, although a little longer process than using an Echo.

Long-term, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Amazon allow multiple echo devices to be linked and synchronized. A lot of people would really love that functionality. I have one on order now, won’t buy a second one unless they allow them to link together. I’d love the ability to control Fire TV as well.

I purchased 2 echoes during the beta period, then an echo dot and a tap… I’m looking to buy at least one more dot…

That said my wife is a bit angry at the purchases, so I’m holding off on the new dot for now…