$29.99 Certified Refurbished Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

Amazon Certified is just like new to me!

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Have you noticed that the Dots don’t seem to hear quite as well as the full Echo does? I think they have the same microphone array, but my Dots don’t seem to hear me nearly as well as my Echos do.

Agree - - -

Ironically, my Dots work better than my “original pre-order” Echo!

Maybe my old Echo is getting dusty? Or needs a hearing aid?


LOL. My pre-orders are getting that way too. I found that by placing them in corners, they do actually hear pretty well. The Dots, OTOH, don’t seem to want to listen as well with the same tricks. Hell, my Tap hears better than my Dots do.

My Dots hear us just fine. Perhaps it’s because I have chosen to mount most of them on walls and ceilings, rather than on corner furniture. So in essence, whenever you are talking into the room your voice is more or less directed toward the device.

Once in awhile they don’t hear so good… but I notice in almost all of those instances it’s my imprecise speaking that is causing the issue. If I repeat the command with better elocution, it hears me correctly.

Walls and ceilings you say? Hmmmm… I’ll have to try that. How are you mounting them? Are using double sided tape or command strips or is there mounting hardware available?

Command strips. Works very well, and leaves no residue when it’s time to move it.

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Awesome. I have tons of those. I’ll try it and see if that helps (if nothing else, it might just look cooler anyhow. LOL)

I was checking out the deal on Amazon, and noticed a variety of mounting options listed as well… seems a variety of brackets exist

My Dots vary. 2 of them struggle sometimes. The one in the kitchen is really bad. We can be in the kitchen and say Hey Alexa, and the one in the Den will light up…

I have found that the Echo that was in the living room, now in the bathroom never fails in the bathroom but struggled in the living room…

Might be room acoustics playing a part of it.

Ordered 3 more. Up to 10 now. Will get a show for the kitchen and then I’ll have every space covered!

Glen_King You have pictures of you mounted on wall and ceiling you can post. I want to try to do the same.

It hadn’t occurred to me to take pictures of my Echo Dots lol

For now I will describe one. My living room ceiling was raised some years ago, and to make it work there are two pairs of exposed horizontal support beams. So I purchased a 10-foot USB power cable, and strung it along the top of one of those beams to where the Dot resides… and the Dot, using the Command strip, is stuck to the underside of that beam. The Command strip is stapled into the wood beam just for added security. The USB cable is routed into a closet outlet.

The only inconvenience is when the thing needs to be reset. I have to go upstairs to the closet and unplug it… or get a ladder and climb it to do what I need. That has not occurred in many months though

Did anyone here take advantage of the $29.99 sale?

I got 3 for a little over $85. Had a little left on a previous Alexa Dash rebate and a couple of bucks in rewards.

I already have five deployed in my home. Can’t imagine where else I’d need one. So though it’s tempting to “save money”, it’s no savings if I buy three at that price and never use them.


I have 10 + a little Dash thingy now and still want a couple more!

Let’s see I have.

  1. Kitchen (Echo)<—Will upgrade to Show
  2. Den (Dot)
  3. Dining (Echo)
  4. Study (Dot)
  5. Day Room (Dot)
  6. Master Bed (Dot)
  7. Master Bath (Echo)
  8. Bedroom 2 (Dot)
  9. Bedroom 3 (Dot)
  10. Foyer (Dot)

I would like to have.

  1. Living Room
  2. Bedroom 4
  3. Garage<----K that’s pushing it!

Mostly want full coverage because of the newly added drop in feature. I am positive that Whole House Audio will be coming one day. Then I will be covered.

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Pushing it ? Garage is perfect place for Show, use the new Echo Intercom skill
1 Tap in basement, easily moved out to hot tub.
2 V2 Dot in kitchen attached to sound bar hidden above cabinets.
3 Original PO Echo in Dining room
4 V1 Dot in bathroom
5 Echo in Bedroom
6 Echo in office
7 V1 Dot in daughter’s room
8 V1 Dot in living room
9 Google Home in living room
10 V2 Dot in car ( great fun to start car via voice with someone new in it, about as fun as tapping my watch to start it. )

V2 Dot still.Sitting sealed in box awaiting a home.
UPS has wand for delivery tomorrow, FINALLY

Not counting all the Fire tablets & phones scattered around the house or the 3 Fire TVs.

Waiting for some community reviews as to whether or not they were able to get ActionTiles to run on Show.

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Thanks. This make sense. I will try it out.


@RLDreams, have you admitted to yourself yet your problem or do we need an intervention?:grimacing:

Oh I’m one of the founding members of Home Automation Anonymous.

Not that I have a problem, just there to support those that do.

Car is mostly because of the limited voice controls for the stereo. Can tell it play Sirius channel x, or play Pandora, but can’t say play xxx artist or playlist y etc. The " Computer tell my Ford to start car" is fun.though.