Is the Echo Show worth it

I have a couple of Dots and a full size echo. I’ve been wanting to get the echo show for while and even more so after playing with it at Bestbuy. Just found out it’s on sale for $50 off and am so close to pulling the trigger. What do ya’ll think?

Go for it. I loved the first Show I bought so much that I got 2 more.

Sure, if you like the idea of Amazon spying on you but you do since you already have Dots and Echo.

I got it also, I view my front door camera on it also. I do use it when I am in the kitchen a huge amount.

Different things work for different people. So there’s no one answer. I use mine a lot, but I use it for video calls.

My favorite “nice to have“ feature that I wouldn’t have paid for if I didn’t also use the video calls is being able to see the weather for the week in the typical visual graphic. I also use it to see box scores from sports. Things where I just want to check quickly. And I use it for movie trailers.

Other people might use it for recipes while they were cooking, as a baby monitor, to bring up a camera feed on a security system… There are definitely things it can be useful for, but whether they will be useful for any particular household will vary. :sunglasses:


Love the Echo show and so does my wife. We also got an echo spot - which though much smaller also has video capability and is a big hit with her. Integrates very well with Arlo cameras and is an easy way to view them.
Only wish there was a way to have a Smartthings dashboard show up on the screen … that would be amazing.

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Bought it and returned.
It’s just Echo with a camera. I don’t use video call so no use for me. Could not select news source, so useless again. Too expensive for an alarm clock that requires internet (so no guarantee that it will wake you up).
It does look nice though.
Same price directly on Amazon.

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Bought one during the Christmas sales and love it. We put it in our kitchen because we thought we get the most use of it there and it turns out we do. We use it for simple things like setting timers while we’re cooking or dictating stuff for our shopping list so we don’t forget. Recently I was out of town a couple times on business trips so with the Alexa app on my phone I was able to drop in on it and video chat with my two-year-old daughter each night. It’s also pretty decent for simple things like how many tablespoons are in a certain measurement, Etc. It is nowhere near as good as Google for random Questions but for the rest of the stuff I still think it’s worth it. Sound qualities not too bad either.

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That’s just regular Alexa on any Echo. What do you use the screen for?

Everything I mentioned? It shows shopping list so it’s easy to cross things off, as I said for video chats, can see multiple timers on the screen, etc.

I see. Well, my phone does all that and then some.
Glad you like it.

Did yours not come with a video display?

What did you buy it for?

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On sale. Impulse buy. Thought it can do more.