Poor Man's Echo Dot

Baby Monitors!

Just put the monitor next to your echo and the other ends all over the house. Doubles as an always on intercom! Works great except for that hisssssss! :hushed:



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I’m not sure I’d want the “always broadcasting” audio feature to one location throughout the entire house. Someone will forget to mute/turn off the monitor in one room and say something they shouldn’t that someone walking by the other end just happens to hear.

Or they’ll forget to turn them back on.

The funny thing is Staples had a deal on wireless baby monitors last week for $16 and I grabbed a few. More or less just for this ( day before the Dot presale started). Since the wife refuses to use the voice remote in the bedroom. I wound up getting Minimote for next to the bed. She still can’t get it straight 1 is bedroom 2 is hall 3 is text me she needs help and 4 is run good night routine.
I will probably end up putting the mic in the basement by my tool boxes with receiver on the shelf by Echo anyways now.

Love it!

nice… time to find my old baby monitors stacked away in the attic…

edit: this gave me an idea, i put my panasonic cordless base unit next to the echo and dialed in on the intercom from a handset in another room. The base answers automatically, and i can give the echo commands… Room privacy maintained :smiley:

genius !
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Check the broadcast frequency on the baby monitors.

2.4 ghz will interfere with Zigbee.

900mhz or thereabouts can interfere with zwave.

The base station will cause the most trouble, so keep it far away from the SmartThings hub. :sunglasses:

Why didn’t I think of that, Hmmmm. should I cancel my Dot ?

LOL, :joy:

Nice. Now you can put your phone charger next to it…so SIRI, OK, Google, and Cortana can all chime in when you use their activation words too. :wink: Because…Alexa doesn’t know everything, ya know!

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I just don’t understand why that stupid limit is on here.

You got it :slightly_smiling:[quote=“Todd_Whitehead, post:13, topic:41701, full:true”]
I just don’t understand why that stupid limit is on here.

It’s built in :frowning:

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