Rough night!

Last night at about midnight ST decided to switch from night to home Mode and all my activities started up… ugh after an earful from the wife…turned it back to night and back to sleep. 10 min later… bang everything on again. This went on another 3 times and I unplugged the hub.

I don’t know what is going on but this damn platform is getting more and more unstable by the day. Going to check in with support today.


But Yet!

According to some it is reliable enough for security!

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Wow… yikes. So do you know if this was triggered by the smartthings servers or was it a local malfunction on the hub itself?

The ST ghost has now taken up residence in your house. Maybe you need to get your home exorcised.

It would almost certainly have to be the cloud, because you can’t do mode changes locally. :scream:

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I would have to agree that it was a cloud issue. I have had several instances over the past year where upon arriving home and running the “I’m Back” routine and getting the notification that “I"m Back” had successfully been performed I would unlock my door and all H___ would break loose. Sometimes it would take me several more tries before my system disarmed.

I hate to laugh but that does seem quite funny. I don’t use ST in any way to turn on lights based on a mode so I have never felt the pain but man that seems funny as you keep trying to go to sleep and the lights all coming on. I can just hear my wife yelling at me from what.

Maybe it was catching up on all the misses from the last week :slight_smile: