"the Google Assistant" replaced by "Google" smart app

Everything was set up and working fine, my smart app showed as “the Google Assistant” .

Then yesterday I added another GE/Jasco wall switch. I could not add the new switch into the existing smart app.

I unconnected and reconnected smartthings and google home and now a new smart app just labeled “Google” appeared, and by default it included control of all the smartthings devices and routines, but then you could slide the switch and choose devices to control. I had to re-nickname all of the devices.

The old “the Google Assistant” app still showed. I just deleted that one.

Not sure when all that changed. I hope now that if I add another device I can easily add it without unconnecting and reconnecting smartthings and google home again.

I have the Google Assistant SmartApp and noticed I can no longer use the controls on my Android device to add new devices. When I click on SmartThings I am just given the option to unlink the account. I wonder if they moved the app instead of upgrading it?

Hello All,
So I did add a new device tonight, another GE/Jasco outdoor switch. After adding it in “Things” I went to “Automation”, then “Google” and tapped on the list of switches to add checked off the box to add the switch so Google Home could control it.

Then went to the Google Home app, “Home Control”, “Devices”, and found that all of the nicknames that I had set for all the other devices were gone.

The problem is easily repeatable. Just open the list of devices then click done in SmartThings, and any nickname that you have set in Google Home app is wiped out.

What madness!!!

I went through ST and changed all the Thing names to what the nicknames used to be in GH, then don’t even worry about the nicknames in GH it works.

Same issue here, if I change some routines all the Nickname in the Google Assistant are gone.


Just had this in my inbox which seems relevant:

On Thursday, September 7, a software update was released for the Google Assistant to make sure you’re up to date and able to try new features and integrations in the future. You should have already received a message from the Google Assistant via Google Home or your phone asking you to complete this upgrade.

To see if your device requires an update, say a command such as “Ok Google, turn on the lights,” and you’ll receive a message to upgrade. If you do require an update, you’ll need to unlink and relink your SmartThings devices, and re-add rooms and nicknames you had created for the Assistant.

Find the steps to unlink your SmartThings from the Google Assistant here and the steps to relink them here. If you need any help, contact SmartThings support.

Note: If you don’t see the word “Update” next to SmartThings in the Google Assistant or Google Home app, you can continue to use your Assistant and everything should work as expected.

Thank You,

SmartThings Team

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