Google Home / Assistant - Missing Devices

I’ve been using my zwave devices though smartthings on my Google assistant devices for years. However after the skill update and having to reconnect only 20% of my devices show up.

Is this an known issue or has anyone come across a work around?

When your used to asking Google to turn on your lights its very frustrating when it stops working.

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Slight update, after clearing out some old devices and reconnecting multiple times I now have more devices but still some missing.

Also the Google app seems very confused by what is a light and what isn’t despite clear naming , can’t see how it is attempting to guess this.
The Google app also doesn’t seem to recognise room assignment so you have to do every device manually even though they are set in ST.

*The Google app currently just follows SmartThings room assignment if you have one location and linking for the first time (e.g. not relinking).
*What kind of devices are missing, is it possibly ones with child devices since that is not yet supported in the new integration?
*Device is categorized based on capabilities, device type name and finally on device friendly name. Do you have an example of a device that gets incorrectly cateogrized?

Sorry just realised I didnt close this. The issue was them being child devices.

@Lars - Do you know if there is a plan to resolve this?

Thank you.

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