The fate or verdict on SmartThings Extend?

Has anyone heard/seen/discovered any information as to what happened to the SmartThings Extend?? I received a response on twitter on 12/11/17 that stated:

“The SmartThings Extend is still currently in a closed beta and there may be issues around using it, give us a follow or subscribe to our newsletter for updates in that regard.”

This page hasn’t been updated in over a year:

If there has not been any real effort in to developing it, of course there will be issues. If there is no real testing, or updates to the application (which is no longer found in Samsung apps) can it be assumed that whole project has been scrapped? When purchasing a Samsung SUHD TV - this was a fair selling point.

Was not too long ago at CES in 2016 where TON of promises were made…

Thanks for anyone inclined to respond - this has been one of the biggest disappointments to me in the IoT realm to date.

Yeah, they scrapped it and turned it into the SmartThings link for nvidia shield.

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It did work on my UK KS TV. But Samsung\Smartthings took it away. Never trust Samsung or SmartThings.

This post here has some recent updates - mostly from UK residents. Wondering if there is any effort to remediate the issue for US customers?

And this post which is virtually buried has a substantial number of replies and strangely enough does not come up when you search the forums for “Extend”.

Any word on the smartthings "extend" for Samsung TV? - #6 by JDRoberts?

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Same here Tezz, it was working for me also for a short time earlier this year…

Just bad business to falsely lead customers on for so long that was said to be in development testing, when its not…

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Samsung as a company are is a mess. They’ve got some new bosses but they won’t stop the rot.
They have messed up the ST and the TV dept.
But saying that, if you bought your TV on the promise that a Extend would of come out.
You can get a full refund as you was mis-sold.

Heres a link to the response from @SmartThings on Twitter 12/11 where they indicate the Extend is still currently in closed beta.

When I responded to them asking if it really is still in beta, or has it been scratched - no response.

Who can I contact at the company that won’t B.S. me?

All you will get is a load of BS on twitter.
I got the same answer weeks ago, and we know it’s all lies.
Samsung or ST won’t answer you unless you go and sue them.

I have a few contacts in the media - perhaps garnishing some attention on that front by Engadget, Forbes, or even more appropriately Deadspin will get someone that knows what the heck is, or isn’t going on.


Waiting trends on twitter for “Samsung” & “CES2018” and replying to each new feed that mentions with a simple question:

Samsung CES2018 - Promises or Vaporware? What happened to the the Samsung .@smartthings Extend from 2016 .@Timbaxter1
Samsung should win a #GoldenGlobe for being a Big, Little Liar.

Raise some awareness!

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I see the same crap coming from Samsung at the CES show. No one believes them any more.

Should we have any optimism…?



The smartthings dongle did come out in the US. But Samsung and smartthings blocked the TV
from using it by doing a sneaky update

How goes the closed beta @smartthings and development for the extend? If this is indeed vaporware and shelved, how do you plan on compensating customers?