Its 2017. I have my UHD 2016 TV with the smarthomes app

I signed up for the extender a while ago.

It’s now 2017, when is it going to work?
Did I invest in the wrong system?
How can I get into the Early Access Program? I can give feedback on a regular basis.
Seems to me we’ve been waiting since 2015 when it was announced.

More info for those that are confused:

You may want to post in the long ass thread already going about this.

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I must have missed that thread.

Here you go.

I posted a link a while ago to get on the " early access " as you called it Beta test.

I know it’s too late for you, but here’s the bottom line:

I’ve learned this, somewhat the hard way. I don’t use a ‘cellphone’, but I use the device as a small portable tablet. My first was a Samsung that an OS upgrade was promised, but never delivered. My second is an HTC ONE that has the same promise, again not delivered so far. Not really a problem as the devices have done what I get them to do, but irritating nonetheless.

Likewise I am irritated by the ‘vapor’ aspect of the USB port in the AppleTV 2, and in the SmrtThings hub, but I don’t anticipate those will ever be enabled. A promise of future functionality will never be part of my purchase consideration again. Because they seemingly never materialize.

I have 2016 SUHD support with SmartThings Extend.

But it seems I am too late to the party to get the ‘Extend’ stick.

I would have really loved testing it out with my new $7000 TV.

I went through your post history and only found the link to the main "Extend’ page where it says it is invite only. Any actual links for the invite?

That was the form to get the invite . No guaranty that applying would actually get you in. Can’t win if you don’t try.

Right now, they dont even have the invite link.

They said, give me your email for any future updates and I gave them my email.

Since there is no activity on this for more than 6 months, I am not very hopeful with it anyway.