Samsung's SmartThings TV Failure


After months of asking when the extend would be available I was sent a Smartthings Hub free of charge a couple months ago. A good business decision to keep me interested in Samsung’s IoT platform. Unfortunately they broke the TV integration.

This is oh-so-typical Samsung. As always, and ESPECIALLY with Samsung, the smart play is to ignore promises of future functionality. If it does what you want right now then buy it, otherwise pass.

Oh man, the sticker is great!

Samsung still advertise the Smartthings Extend in the UK\EU

I’ve just found out that Smartthings\Samsung has deleted the TV SmartThings app in the latest firmware update!

What a dirty trick to pull on customers.

From the OP link
"I would argue that there is a case to be made that Samsung sold some 2016 SUHD TVs based on false advertising"

This is what we are doing in the UK.

And there i was still innocently waiting for an update to make my smart tv banner in my apps section do something… smart tv my bottom, i cant even turn it on or off anymore via smartthings or amazon echo. Samsung tvs are not smart

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