SmartThings Extend still in Beta?

Just trying to get to the bottom of this SmartThings Extend debacle.

Are SmartThings social media reps being truthful in their response less than a month ago?

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It got cancelled. I sent my TV back because of this and got a full refund :wink:

Dammit! I should have just gone with the Sony TV now boxing day deals are done. I’ll return mine as well any ways and just wait till the next sales and go with an LG or Sony TV. It’s just dumb that a Samsung Tv cannot integrate natively with a SamsungThings.

Sony is a good shout. I just got a Sony 75 ZD9 and get on screen notifications from my ST Hub :wink:

Please, tell us more about this integration…

I just installed notifications for android tv from the play store

On my 75 inch ZD9 or Z9D in the US.

I can have a big\small window as I want. Where it is placed and so on.
I have emails\texts\whatsapp and every message you would get on your phone.
On course you can pick and chose what you want to show. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

I’m just getting every version of ST android to see if any will work on my TV.

This shows up as a Tamron lense for Nikon Camera…

Sorry dude.
Look for notifications for android tv on the play store.

Got it, thanks. Great idea…

Another user responded stating that the SmartThings Extend was re-branded to “Link” as part of the Nvidia shield…is that accurate? He also stated that under the label of his Link, he can see the Extend label.

Is it possible to just re-flash my Extend with the Link firmware?

More importantly, why is@SmartThings feeding me misinformation on twitter responding a month ago that the Extend is still in beta?

I have a ST link(UK) and under the label is Smartthings Extend label.
As I’ve said it did work on all 2016 KS TVs. But Samsung released a firmware to stop you using the Extend.

Almost a full year laster and The @Smartthings twitter bots still claim SmartThings Extend is actively in beta testing as of 1 hour ago on October 15, 2018.

#Misinformation is bad people

SmartThings Tweet 10.15.18