The End of Groovy Has Arrived

This is very good!


Thanks for this.
Are you confident this list is complete?
I ask because I’m pretty sure my sonoff switches were automigrated to zigbee switch (and had issues) but sonoff doesn’t feature in list ?

It’s a list of Groovy DTHs, not individual devices or brands. Sonoff switch is on the Zigbee Switch Groovy DTH, which is on the list.


I beg to differ about using the Support access in the ST App. All the entries take me (here in Australia to “Samsung Members” app/system and they want nothing to do with Smartthings. They sent me on a tortuous path thru other options, none of which got anywhere.
There is still no sign of the Smart Lighting plugin here in Australia?

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Thank you Samsung for pushing back the timeline and providing a comprehensive and thorough update. It is much appreciated!


Ive searched for this but couldn’t find anything recent on this (apologies if I missed it) but will the new platform architecture address the hub backup and restore debacle?

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No, there is still no hub backup and restore function available.

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But perhaps the completion of the Edge transition will free up some resources to pick back up some of those shelved projects, both in terms of developer availability and with the reduced costs of hosting DTH in the cloud…right? A big company like Samsung would never lay off staff and enjoy recording higher profits… :expressionless:


Questions: once the transaction is done and groovy is shut down, will memory be freed up on the hub?

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Since about 12/17, all of my Smartthings Buttons have become unresponsive. Given the current state of the migration, I gave it a few days to see if it self-corrected, but nothing. They appear to be using the new stock driver, and probably were before they became unresponsive.

Decided to delete and add one of the buttons to see if this would fix it, but still nothing. I did notice that there appear to be many more capabilities than before and what the other buttons still show in the UI. Customer Support hasn’t been very helpful; wanting me to do the usual song and dance; reset the button, delete/ download the app (??)

Anyone else having this problem or ideas what could have caused this on or around 12/17?

I only have one ST button but has been working fine.

The old Smart Lighting app has been removed from both my locations, even though I still had automations in it.

It looks like the routines I still had in the old app got migrated a couple more times into the new one, tripling them up.

New Smart lighting app continues to work fine.

I’m still waiting for my Aeon minimotes To be migrated by st to edge

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11 posts were split to a new topic: Cannot pair/delete devices (2023)

There is a post from Samsung indicating they have paused automatic migration until after the holiday period.

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Aeon Mini Mote is working now on ST hub V3

Mine work too, they’re just not using edge drivers yet.

To all: I have like +70 devices. Even more complex is the fact that the same type of sensor for example open/close I just got what was on sale and stuff. So mix of manufacturers, Zigbee vs Zwave, etc.
However, during the Xmas week I painstakingly moved each and every one to Edge. Reset, re-pair, etc. It took me 1 full day and this time captured in a Word doc the steps. I also made sure to delete any DTH, etc. I had defined in the legacy IDE (which BTW was not simple due to references/pointers to devices).

  • I can safely say each and every one of them is functioning as envisaged as of today.
  • I converted each and every Smart App into a routine (where feasible, due to routine’s limitations) and they also work fine.
  • Overall the experience is substantially better since everything happens now in a snap and furthermore I did have some pesky devices who dropped connection and none have been dropping connections at all

Dummy question. How do you move anything to Edge from their current protocol? What is Edge and what is Matter? I have some devices (Govee lights mainly), that have a smart app or device handler or something that I had to add in the Smartthings IDE, will those stop functioning at some point?
For anything else (zwave, zigbee stuff) what has to be done to migrate them? I assumed that happens automatically, but reading your post, I might have assumed too much from Samsung.

This has been discussed in great detail in the thread above, as well as in the two official transition FAQs. But the short answer is that almost anything you have that is using a DTH provided by Samsung will be automatically migrated to a new stock edge driver. There are a few exceptions that are now considered obsolete, and those are detailed in the official transition FAQ.

If you have devices which are using custom groovy DTHs, the system will attempt to migrate them automatically, and if it can’t, it will just add them as a “thing“ so you can manually change them to an edge driver later.

Here’s the official transition FAQ link again, so you don’t have to dig through the thread to find it. Among other things, it has the list of devices they now consider obsolete.