The End of Groovy Has Arrived

I don’t track what individuals mention as we’re all in the same situation, doing our best with limited information.

But what he pointed out was an updated post from SmartThings staff, it carries some weight.

Since the forum doesn’t flag updates to existing posts the way it does new posts, I never saw that info about migration extending into next quarter.

With the exception of my virtuals and pocket sockets I believe I’ve had at least one of each brand and model of device I own automatically migrated.

As regards Smart Lighting, SmartThings staff told us for months that it would go away. Then they sprang the new version on us. All the automations I had in Smart Lighting were successfully migrated to the new version. Like others, I find it less useful now that it’s not the main way to have automations run locally on the hub. I’m recreating most uses of it into Routines leaving only mirror/sync items.


I recreated my Smartlighting automations as Routines using Virtual Switches to maintain precondition state previously handled by the Smartapp. The Edge drivers for my Z-wave plugs and switches expose association groups eliminating the need for Smartlighting to do the mirror/sync. Now my automations and mirroring that were happening in the cloud are being handled locally.

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I have looked at associations. I have a mix of Z-wave and ZigBee switches and dimmers. Since associations is purely a Z-wave feature it doesn’t work in all cases where I want to synchronize devices.

Mirror/sync was local in the old Smart Lighting and remains so in the new Smart lighting.

Routines (not Smart lighting) that trigger a scene seem to require the cloud.

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As the “End of Groovy” nears, there’s good news for webCoRE users

and then there’s this post from a webCoRE Minion…

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If you aren’t a Hubitat user I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high…
But i’ll be interested to see what the “big news” is.

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Starting in September I have manually migrated approaching 50% of my devices.
I started with Z-Wave thermostats that used custom groovy handlers; I developed edge handlers myself.
I then moved on to devices that were cloud based; smoke detectors, Smartthings V2 sockets, Ikea sockets, Ikea motion detectors, Ikea buttons and dimmers.
What I have remaining are mostly Ikea GU10 downlighter bulbs. I was holding off for automated migration of bulbs because of the difficulty of resettng and repairing downlighter bulbs.
I did try to manually migrate other Ikea, Hue, and Sengled bulbs with varying results.
The Sengled and single colour Ikea bulbs migrated to Edge after resetting and repairing but the Hue and colour temperature Ikea bulbs stubbornly stayed with (local) groovy handlers.
None of these bulbs are really critical to me, so I will be sticking with SmartThings even if I have to write some more edge handlers.
Just my thoughts.

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Yep, very nice work. :sunglasses:

There’s already an author thread in this forum about the project:

[BETA] HubiThings Replica

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Any Update on when these fingerprints will be added? We are 9 days away from the death of Groovy DTH

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Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like this is the stage we’re at. Only we’re the people inside the palace. :thinking:

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Where’s the panel illustration with the multiple stakes ready to catch someone jumping over the wall blindly, @JDRoberts? :rofl:


Ninjas don’t jump over blindly. They jump on top of the wall, check things out, then decide the best place to come down.

unless, of course, they’re on a reality TV show.

Just sayin’… :wink:


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A little over a week away (with two holidays in the mix) from “groovy shutdown” and still not all “officially supported devices” have fingerprints in production drivers and not all devices have migrated. AND worst part no official communication or any communication for that matter from Samsung on any updates.

Best guess everyone is groovy really will be shutdown in a few days or if that deadline deadline is sliding again? I just gotta plan for grandma’s house out of state.

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Check the first post of this thread… dates have been modified.

But you should still go visit your Grabdma. :slight_smile:


If you use a stock Smartthings Groovy DTH then there will be no issues for you until early 2023
(See @JDRoberts post below for caveat)

If you use a custom Device type or smart app, it dies Dec 31

Thats my read on it


I’m not sure I would say “no issues.” :thinking:

We’ve already seen issues with some of the stock edge drivers, so as devices get migrated, new issues can occur. And since there’s no official changelog for which drivers get added or changed, or any tracking for individual device migration, if you do run into issues you’ll have to just start researching devices individually. 🕵🏼‍♂️


So if I have a driver installed for a device with a custom DTH, it will definitely transition before Dec 31st? I have Zooz Zen51 relay working as a garage door opener, and I had to install a custom DTH when setting it up, because the driver was not ready yet. Now I have the driver, and I’ve been waiting for the transition for several weeks.
Not to mention one of my Yoolax shades is still using the 1st party DTH and haven’t migrated too, and I have the driver as well, because I used it from the beginning for my newer Yoolax shades which I installed later.

It “should” BUT who knows! The dates could change so always check out the first post of this thread. No one will say “definitely”. :slight_smile:

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SharpTools is the way, I love it compared to WebCore.


Does anybody have Lightify gardenspots that have been migrated by ST to an edge driver yet?