The End of Groovy Has Arrived

The IDE is not reliable. Check it via the ST App, the CLI or the API Browser.

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Would be nice to have some feedback from ST about Smartthings branded devices, yes, there are Beta versions but due to the amount of automations i have connected i really would like a proper ST auto transition for these


Please wait until 12/31. We are all in the same boat!

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Wait? Wait till Groovy is shut off and then figure out what works and does not work and scramble to fix what does not work? It cost them nothing to have @nayelyz pop in here and give us some updates. I still have 91 devises in limbo. That includes 3 Zooz Zen20s that Zooz is not waning to fix the driver for because the API is not done yet. This includes Keen Vents that Smartthings said they wrote a driver for, but missed every single fingerprint of all of mine. And again, we are not asking to to wave a magic wand and make everything perfect, we are just asking for communication.


Just to be clear, the ZEN20 driver is fully functional and doesn’t have any known bugs so there wasn’t anything that actually needed to be fixed.

The ability to create standalone child devices was added to the platform after their drivers were written and Zooz was holding off on adding that enhancement because ST advised against implementing drivers that way until they officially announce that it’s supported.

That being said, it looks like the built-in drivers that were converted to parent/child have been stable for about a month and Zooz’s final driver should be published tonight so adding that feature to some of their multichannel devices is now at the top of their priority list.

A new version of the ZEN30 that has a setting you can enable to create a standalone child device should be published this week and if that doesn’t cause any problems then it will be added to some of the others, including the ZEN20.


That was not meant to be a dig at you or Zooz. yes there is a driver, but if I can’t expose each channel like I could in the DTH, it is a bug to me. I get the deal because of the API, and my post was about how poorly this migration is being handled and starting a migration while the API is still being4 developed is like trying to paint the walls while the house is still being framed.

It isn’t her job to provide updates on the migration. She’s a developer advocate, not customer service or pr.


Advocate is a PR position if I was to be pedantic. Back to the point I was trying to make, Samsung is mishandling this migration on so many levels, they can’t even manage the easiest which is the communications.


Agreed. Clearly lots of efforts going on by their customers (us) so I think in return just a weekly update post providing

  • some migration stats,
  • issues being worked through
  • latest timeline

would seem more than reasonable.


Agreed! Just not by developer advocates, who are already busy enough helping developers get their stuff migrated.


Yes, a GE/Jasco dual outlet (my only Z-Wave device at present) was migrated recently

T minus 11 days. 73 devices on edge with 50+ to go. We’ve had almost 90 days and we’re down to the last 10. Unbelievable. If devices don’t get migrated and they simply stop working after Dec 31, I’m done with SmartThings.

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Q1 of 2023

· Complete 1st Party DTH migrations

· Shutdown Graph IDE

@jkp ao does that mean they extended the 12/31 deadline?

according to the first post in this thread - custom DTH and smartapp removal should be completed by 12/31

Ok @jkp thanks. So stay tuned i guess.

So we’re all stressing over the holiday deadline for nothing!

Does the forum software not notify when a post is updated on a thread you’re tracking?

i don’t believe it notifies when a post is updated

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I would just point out that jk has been wildly wrong in the past, specifically regarding Smart Lighting and webCoRE, so be careful which advice you plan by. I take my cue from official SmartThings announcements.

Alpee is correct… I am just showing what is pointed out in the first post of this thread so dates are subject to change. As was the SL and webcore info that was given in the past. Glad Alpo catches all this stuff for us.