The End of Groovy Has Arrived

I find Android updates frequently break presence ability of the apps themselves.

The last few versions of Android now do things like:

  • If an app isn’t loaded frequenty, permissions given at install will eventually be removed. You have to manually opt out of this for each application within a permission manager Settings panel.
  • Put apps to sleep more often. You have to jump thru hoops to make sure certain apps can stay running in the background. Especially “power and network” hungry apps like ones that need to report presence via wifi access point detection and GPS.

Hi, @Geoffs, @pc-bjorn, @eric182 .
Do you know the device fingerprints of the ones with the issue, please?

I searched the model IM6001 and this one matched:

Hi! No, if you already installed drivers in that channel and added devices to them, it means those devices are already migrated. Devices that are still pending will get the closest driver, it means, if you have a compatible driver already installed, they will be migrated to it.
The drivers in this channel are up-to-date :smiley:


My minimotes started working again Saturday afternoon. If you still need more information, let me know.

aah ok, it is no longer necessary, it could have been related to the issue over the weekend.
This is to identify if after a device’s migration there’s an issue that impacts its functionality so the team can correct it ASAP.
So, please, if you see a comment about this, feel free to tag our team @nayelyz or @andresg .

I don’t actually have any of the drivers in this channel installed. I added to start testing and migrating but so far all the devices I’ve migrated are from other channels. For the short term I’m hoping to allow all the others to self migrate in order to preserve automations, but for the long term I’d think I would want to be on a non-beta channel. Will there be an official channel that will be installed as the migration happens or will the beta channel become the official channel?

I dont know the fingerprint, where do I get it.
The button is the current Smartthings Button.
The buttons I didnt try and fix resolved the next day.
One button I re added came back as Edge (had a Driver entry of “Zigbee Button”.
The other button didnt have the Driver entry but today it has.
Other buttons still do not have a Driver enrtry.
A third button defunt, I could Not rejoin it. However 2 days later it does rejoin, with Driver of Zigbee Button.

The real interesting thing is that I have the WiFi Hubs (Plume) which is not yet supposed to handle Edge. The notice here

says it will be updated today or so to 0.38.11 - however - it is currently on 043.00005 ?

Psst… 2021 message….


That’s an announcement from 2021, the one of the update to 43.5 (July 2022) is here (This version supports Edge drivers):

So, overall, we can say the problems you had could be related to the issue in the platform over the weekend because everything works again, even those with the driver.

Yes, this is because currently, the default joining process checks for drivers first (installed and in the default channel), it will only join with a DTH if there isn’t a driver compatible.
Here’s the announcement about that:

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I’m curious about your comment. I wasn’t aware anything was happening to location modes? What your saying sounds like we won’t be able to make more. If that’s the case, what sense does that make if they intend to still allow the use of location modes?

I think I’m more interested in a use case of more modes than night, day, home and away?

I created some additional modes to mimic how Hubitat does modes OOTB.

Away, Day, Evening, Night

Plus some extras “just in case” since the IDE is currently the only easy way to create additional ones.

at this time, IDE is the only avenue to create new Location modes. You can only edit existing ones in the app. When IDE goes so will that feature unless it gets added elsewhere such as the app, or other. ST has not provided any details on certain features in IDE to date and whether they will still be available.

Ahhh, I hadn’t even considered the only way to make modes was the IDE. It’s been forever since I did it and I have the 4 I need. I have to think they will incorporate the important things from IDE into this new system. Especially something like modes.

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I think what he’s asking for is a central location to find all the Edge Drivers. Yeah, there’s a wiki with a Table of devices and links to drivers, but it’s not at all updated. Searching this forum helps a bit, but it’s tedious at best.
A simple LOUD AND CLEAR message to all devs and manufacturers to please post drivers under a special ST created Topic would have been great. Then, searching that topic for a device or manufacturer would have at least eliminated some frustration.
Just a thought.


I have “guest” mode, that pauses most of Routines related to Open/Closed doors, as guests (kids) can go in and out 100 of times. Also lights are not shutting down or dimming automatically, when guest are present.

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We have something similar to others with the “guest” modes. Used when company is over for overnight or more. We also have a “party” mode where lights aren’t turned off, HVAC isn’t touched, etc.


think I’m more interested in a use case of more modes than night, day, home and away?

At our house we distinguish between “night“ and “asleep“. In night mode, the motion sensor in the bedroom turns on the overhead light. In asleep mode, it doesn’t turn on the overhead light, it turns on a nightlight on the wall instead.

But there are lots of variations. :sunglasses:

There’s a discussion thread in the forum from the past for how different people have used them. The discussion of Webcore obviously no longer applies, but the examples of the different use cases should still be interesting:

What Modes have you created?

I just created 4 dummy modes in case I ever need them. It appears you are limited to 8 modes.

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There isn’t a central location for the Edge drivers? Really ?!?!?!

If only they had YEARS to figure this out. Come on Samsung. This is a truly awful migration.



I woked Up this morning and everything ist offline. Restart the Hub doesn’t help. Oh my god