The End of Groovy Has Arrived

So started to check out IFTTT for Ecobee control today and had forgotten I already had my Blink cameras running through it. Also forgot I have to create applets for both on and off on the virtual switch, so definitely going to be tight in the free account. As suggested I know I could work around with multiple accounts.

The other thing I’m running into is away mode. Currently I use Webcore to set both thermostats to indefinite away when all phones leave the house, but in IFTTT I am finding you can’t set a comfort profile indefinite. Did you find a way around that? I thought I could just set an actual temperature set point instead, and change it as the seasons change, but for several months I have it set to auto so need actually a cooling and warming set point which I don’t think IFTTT can do. Have you run into this?

I’m doing the same thing, but replacing Ecobee Suite helpers instead of WebCoRE pistons, and moving to the rules engine. Sharptools is between WebCoRE and IFTTT in terms of abilities, but much closer to WebCoRE. I don’t think there’s any limit on number of rules you can create on a free account; a paid account gets you more features, including variables, which I haven’t found that I need so far.

I’m still running the Ecobee Suite handler for the thermostat while I rebuild my automations; I think when I re-add it as a stock device, I’m going to lose a lot of the capabilities that are available to my SharpTools rules.

With the helpers I had the comfort modes set to hold indefinitely; now I suspect they’ll only hold until the next scheduled change, but it’s so long since I’ve used the built-in scheduler that I have no idea what that looks like. My hope is that even if the modes are out of whack, between school runs and at least one person working from home most days we’ll be coming and going often enough that we bump it back into the desired mode pretty quickly anyway.


I don’t know how it handles indefinite holds, but I use Alexa’s custom commands to trigger different comfort modes. In the examples given for the Ecobee skills it indicates a stop hold command and a return to schedule command.


Since I am really getting into a specific device/integration discussion I figured I should start a separate
thread. Anyone who wants to talk Ecobee feel free to come join and we can see what we can cook up.


If you have a raspberry pi (or similar) running I’d advise to look into NodeRed which has an excellent integration with SmarThings, and allows the creation of very complex automations, as well as interfacing SmartThings with all the products, devices and services that have a NodeRed Palette.

It’s how I’m going to integrate Nuki, Tado, Honeywell, Ecovacs…


A somewhat strange situation that I do not know if it can be linked with the changes taking place towards migration to EDGE. I made a separate post being too off topic here. If anyone wants to read my misadventure, I leave you the link … Osram motion sensor deleted which returns with its old name

So, do I understand correctly that the Groovy EOL was last night? And DH’s were to be converted to Edge Drivers?

I’m a little confused, bc my WebCoRE automation pistons are working today,

I’ve started a transition to SharpTools (Rule Engine), but before i get too far along, I want to make sure any of my current devices are in their final state - that is I don’t want to create new SharpTools Rules if my devices are going to changed/removed&re-added/whatever and disappear from SharpTools.

…Or is it safe to create new SharpTools Rules now?

I think you may be off by a month… See the updated first post in this thread.


Not sure where you got the EOL of groovy was last night. The new end date starts on October 15, 2022…the details are in the first post of this thread. Originally, ST had set Sept. 30 as the end date. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the correction on the date!

Is it safe to create new Rules in SharpTools re: my concerns?

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yes, you can create SharpTools rules. It works with both Groovy and Edge devices.


SmartThings device migrations are expected to start at the end of September.

The FAQ is one of the better resources at the moment, but here’s a gross simplification of things:

If you are mostly using standard Z-Wave and zigbee devices, that migration is supposed to be mostly seamless.

If you are using custom DTHs for standard zigbee or Z-Wave devices, the system should migrate you to a standard driver. At that point you may need to install a custom driver if there are custom capabilities that you need. If it’s a more bespoke device that doesn’t have a matching built-in driver, you’ll have to find a custom driver that meets your needs.

For LAN devices, I expect it’s going to be more hit or miss (mostly miss) and you will probably need to manually take care of many of those devices.

So the LAN devices are probably the ones that will require re-onboarding to your SmartThings hub and thus would get new device IDs and would need to be updated in your rules at that point.


Thank you!

Can you, by chance, happen to know or speak to:

  • RBoy,

  • imnotbob/somfy-shades,

  • brbeaird/SmartThings_MyQ,

  • kriskit/SmartThings (TrendSetter)?


You can reach rboy through his website.

For the others, try the author thread in this forum for the smartapp/DTH you are using (where you probably got the code to begin with). Even if the author is no longer active, there may be other community members posting there about what they intend to do after groovy.

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Hi, @josep1972

Here you can find all of our documentation about Edge Drivers, and here you can find our GitHub with plenty of examples. I think this can help you understand how Edge Drivers work.

Hi, @sdgood

Are still struggling with this? In case you do, can you please share with me the device fingerprint and the exact driver you installed?

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Hey thanks for the follow up. I was able to get it working using the Zigbee Button driver from the ST Beta channel. My problem was I didn’t delete my custom DTH so it kept reconnecting using that instead of the Edge driver.

Now I just need to get my matching Ikea bulb fingerprints added to a driver. I don’t know if they’re exclusive to Canada or what, but nobody seems to have a driver for it yet :man_shrugging:

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I’m also in Canada and have worked with @Mariano_Colmenarejo to have some other Ikea bulbs added to his drivers.

I think the bulbs we have here are technically the same as elsewhere, just that they seem to have regional fingerprints.

Which Ikea bulbs are you having issues with?


Great news!


Has anyone brewed some custom Edge drivers for devices running ESPEasy?

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