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Isn’t this page Migration List supposed to be updated every week, with recently added drivers highlighted in bold?


For those still having problems with the Wi-Fi mesh hub models and edge drivers, there’s a new update that is supposed to help with some edge, driver issues, but not all. Note that you must have updated the Wi-Fi router side to the most current version or the home automation side won’t update.


The way I read that wasn’t as a week-by-week migration but instead a list of all the devices that we know have a new Edge driver available when the migration does (eventually) happen.

But, the point I was making, is that the list is not being updated as promised (with bold text week on week) to show which devices now have access to Edge drivers


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My one ST multipurpose sensor migrated today too at 10:45 AM EDT. Checking it later, the battery and 3 axis attributes didn’t have data, took a few swipe refreshes to get it to populate.

FIrst auto migration for me since November.

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With ST Multipurpose the same thing happened as with ST Motion Sensor - one device migrated but the other hasn’t. Surely this isn’t intended behaviour.

I’m not at all surprised. I have two of the same model dimmers that are side-by-side in the same 2-gang box. One migrated in November, the other still has not.

Ok so then the migration process looks broken - so is the wrok-around to remove and re-install any devices that the hub now has an Edge driver but havent migrated?

There’s no reason to believe that. We’ve never been told how the migration selects accounts and devices to migrate.

If you’re impatient, then yes, you have to delete your devices from SmartThings, remove and custom DTHs, lose your routines. Then recreate everything.

But why? If everything you have is working, just sit tight. Who really cares what driver a device is using it it works?


No one from staff has confirmed, but one possibility is if the devices are used in different types of routines. Remember that migration can affect routines as well. In some cases routines will be deleted if the device had previously been using custom capabilities, which are not supported in the edge driver that the auto migration wants to use. So I think it’s possible that migration might be delayed for one device if its routines are complicated, but not for another of the same model that was only using simple routines.

It’s also possible that although the the two devices have the same model number, they have different firmware, and therefore different fingerprints.

Neither of these situations would mean that migration was “broken.“ It would mean that it was dealing with edge case situations correctly. :thinking:


I resolved this by removing the ST devices and rescanning so now both my motion and both my multi show as Edge - I’m glad of a consistent system whatever the reason.

As well as only one of each pair of devices having migrating correctly I also noticed that the ST switchable plug that had migrated a while back had actually reverted back to non-Edge - I didn’t think this was possible - but again this was resolved by deleting and adding the device back in.

There are extra steps in doing this - care is needed to avoid losing routines but even so the routines did disable themselves - something to look out for.

On the positive side the battery level is now above 0% but when I entered a temp offset of 1.1C the temp is logged to the history on every 5mins report even when not changing as it is showing a value with .999999 in the history. An integer offset is fine.

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Stock DTH worked perfectly in garage mode on these 1st-gen MP sensors up until about 3 days ago before it was migrated. Oh well…

Does anyone happen to know if devices reported as “offline” by the app should get auto-migrated? I have several Leviton Z-wave dimmers/switches that typically show offline in the app, but do work correctly otherwise (I’ve always chalked this up to some issue with the health monitoring, its been ongoing for years but no real problems otherwise).

I’ve been waiting for these to auto-migrate to avoid redoing my routines that use them, but it occurred to me that perhaps the offline state might interfere with migration so I might as well bite the bullet and manually migrate. (I haven’t confirmed fingerprinted edge drivers exist for them, but fairly sure they will be covered.)

They should.

Don’t know about the offline aspect, but I manually migrated 16 Leviton z-wave (DZ15S) a couple of months ago without any issue. It uses the stock SmartThings Edge driver.

Your Levitons probably need a firmware update. If they are at lower than 1.20, then contact Leviton support for the update and instructions.

I’ve had a couple of ZigBee devices auto-migrate despite being offline.

I just got through reading all 1,767 comments on this thread and my mind is gone.

I highly suggest we put specific topic in their own threads and get away from this thread for specific things, like Keen. I will probably be adding a few more topics in other areas for things I need help with rather than contribute to this huge thread. That way, hopefully, I do not add to the fluff in this one.

Interesting discussion, though.


I emailed their support and was told there are no updates for my models (VRF01-02A, VRI06-1L, VRS-15-1L, VRMX1-1L), and they implied I might want to move to the DZ series instead. Given these were not inexpensive switches I’m reluctant to give up on them since they are working (just reported as offline). Guess I’ll wait to see what the migration does to them.

If you have info on the FW upgradability of any of these models I’d appreciate that. I gather from my cursory Google research that one might need special Zwave widgets from Leviton to do that?

I don’t even know how to find out their current FW level via the ST infrastructure. I do have the Leviton VPG controller but haven’t touch that in years.

My Levitons are all from the DZ series, around 3 to 4 years old. Got no experience with the older ones. The firmware level is visible in the data in the IDE for as long as we’ve all got access to that. After you login, click on the menu, then Locations and select your location. After that you can access your devices.

I’ve done firmware updates on Levitons to cure an issue with them dropping offline for no reason, and on Zooz devices to fix some issues.

It requires a Z-Wave Controller USB stick but, at least for the ones I’ve done, nothing brand-specific.It’s not a trivial process and usually but not always requires that you remove the device to be upgraded from SmartThings, add to a separate Z-wave mesh controlled by the USB controller, do the update, remove device from the USB controller’s mesh, and finally add it back to SmartThings. That, of course, means redoing any automations the device was part of.

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