The best and the worst devices of the year supported by ST. Please vote. ;)

For some weird reason I decided to move my extra aeon multi on my front porch and luckily I did not permanently mount it. The crap started sending motion alerts million and one times when not even a single person was around. Passing clouds, wind, sunlight may be and I had the sensitivity turned to the lowest. The lum, temp and the humidity is pretty much useless on that thing. I put it in the garage as a powered Zwave device and luckily the motion sensor works fine now. The hope is that may be being powered it will contribute towards a better mesh. Please keep in mind that it is my sole opinion and may have worked better for you. It is the worst device I have ever bought! What’s yours?

PS: no wise cracks on ST! We all love ST and too passionate about it. The best for me as far as motion is concerned has been ST original and the new ones.

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+1 vote for the Aeon Multisensor. It was so promising, and actually worked OK for a few months (save for the very sensitive motion sensor) before recently starting to throw wildly inaccurate readings. Re-flashing the firmware and re-pairing it hasn’t improved things… so that’s my vote!

The best for me is a toss up between the SmartThings motion sensor (original, as I haven’t tried the new one) and the new GE ceiling fan controllers. Looking forward to new things in 2015!

Why pick the worst device. There are so many that suck right now, whether due to ST or not. I think voting for the best makes more sense, that way people can at least have some assurance regarding the sensors that are working most reliably for everyone.

@memoryleak (nice alias) :slight_smile: I changed the title to best/worst! :slight_smile:

Worst for me aeon multi sensor. Coated me an arm on batteries with two sensor. Hopefully I can replace them with the fibaro multi soon. Best for me are those linear light dimmers. I am thinking of replacing most of my GE switches with linear in the near future.

I could see some reason for having a worst category - in the sense that this device is something that a lot of people might want and looks good on paper, but the actual execution was horrible so stay far away.

One person telling you something works well is “enough data”. One person telling you something doesn’t work well is not “enough data”. It could just be that the guy didn’t use it right. Having a bunch of people say something doesn’t work well gives you “enough data” that it really doesn’t work well.

UBI - hands down. useless junk!
Close second - Wink/Quirky Spotter

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My interior multisensors work fine.

I don’t think they are repeaters even though they are powered, however.

@beckwith You are extremely lucky then. Do you have it hooked outdoors? The strange thing is they have probably the best zwave smart outlets. I have several of their aeon smart outlets (2nd gen) and the hanging types (6 or 7 of those) and they work perfect.

I have seven that work well in the house with all but two powered. No false alarms. One outside is pretty much useless because it can’t distinguish between environmental factors. One at the covered front porch is fine except around noon on sunny days when clouds pass.

I recently purchased a Fibaro which so far seems to work well, but it doesn’t have a powered option. From reading the specifications, I suspect it would also have false alarm issues outside.

I purchased a barrier sensor which I think is a better solution for outside but have not hooked it up yet.

Worst - EcoLink motion sensor.

I shouldn’t have to be within 1ft directly standing in front of the motion sensor for it to sometimes detect motion. Why say it’s supported officially if it barely works?

My vote for the most crap device is Harmony Ultimate Home, the responsibility for this I believe resides with Logitech, you want to see a train wreck?, hang out on their forums for a while.

Even discounting the ignorant ST integration, that device wasn’t ready for prime time three months ago, and it still isn’t.
Use of three different interfaces to is required for configuration, you can’t include HA devices in macros, nor use anything as triggers. It can’t even run ST dimmers correctly…
I’ve currently managed to coerce the thing to meet my minimum expectations, but very very disappointed overall.
They are still dealing with basic communication issues, It’ll be a while before they get back to fixing the available integrations I fear.

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@Mike_Maxwell Totally agree and for such a premium price…

I think the poster is trying to establish a list of devices the community should avoid buying at this time as well.

Everybody has the right to make their own choice. And of course it helps to know which works well and which does not with ST as it should. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to any of the company names listed and not suggesting one device over the other. Just voting on whether a supported device works well or not.

The EcoLink motion sensor is the worst device I have. It takes 4 minutes for it to show no motion and there is no way to change this. I could forgive this if the pet settings worked, but they don’t.

The best devices are the ST motion sensors (old and new), as well as the ST multi sensors. The status of these devices are always reflected instantly in the app.

What barrier sensor did you purchase?

+1 on the Aeon multi at least for outside usage. The Ecolink motion sensor as well, as mine works for motion but once a month I have to reset it to work with ST.

I am pleased with the devices for ST in particular their multi and motion sensors.

Amen on the ST multis and motion sensors (powered and on battery). Adding the power outlets too.

I agree 100% but if there are devices our community has run into issues with I personally would like to know. It’s less about opinion and more of a warning to me.

So far every device I have connected to my hub has successfully paired with my hub. A couple devices required a change under the device type online.