ST motion sensors are they crap

so after my ST motion sensor packed in i ordered a replacement and well for it to trigger i need to stand in front of it waving like a loony for it to trigger i am not sure if its a range thing of its just dam slow i am thinking its just slow but the range aint that great either not compared to the older version i had before
maybe a faulty new 1 so ordered another and its the same so both are going back

so whats the next best non ST motion sensor to get around the same price range as the ST £30 give or take a bit
i do have 2 cheap sensors coming from china recommended on here but not hold my breath on them

I’ve got a good mix of ST motion sensors, Iris motion sensors from Lowe’s and Aeon Multi 6’s. They’ve all been about the same for me. Though, I’ll agree that the newer ST motion sensors don’t seem like they have a very good range.

If you’re just looking for motion, I’d go with the Iris motion sensors. They’re cheaper, Zigbee, and work well with ST. If you want humidity or light sensors, the Aeon sensor has all that. It’s Z-Wave and also has the ability to be plugged in (so no battery issues).

Hope that helps!

Must depend on when it was acquired. I have one, the one that came with my starter kit, and it’s almost too good. It detects from 15 feet away if I raise my arm while sitting on the couch.

I think I have most of my ST motion sensors like this as well. I believe they are 2015 model. I read it somewhere here that the newest one has shorter range and slower reaction time as well.

its the same as mine then as i got my kit in jan 2017 and the sensor was very good but the 2 i have ordered over the past week or so are crap both came in a purple box design so i believe this is also the newer type

I’ve been pleased with my Iris Motion sensors, too. Got them from a local Lowe’s on sale for about $20 each too.

hi bud yes im in the UK i have order 2x Xiaomi Motion Sensor for just over £20 as did see fair reviews on them and was going to try them out anyway as the price is good for what i would need i may just invest in a few Fibaro sensors as they do look very good and maybe better in key places

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unable to find them in the UK

Try here:

and, as Robin has said, Verternet has them for UK delivery


OOps :slight_smile:

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Im in Uk too and can’t fault the xiaomi ones at all , had no issues 6mths in