New Aeon MultiSensor

(Kristopher Kubicki) #1

Looks pretty nice. The previous gen was pretty bad though

(Tim Slagle) #2

I did not have this experience, in fact my aeon multis are my favorite motion sensors in the house.

I have some of the new Aeon stuff and it is pretty awesome stuff. :smile:

(DLee) #3

My Aeon multis have been about the two most reliable devices in my setup. Smaller and lighter versions will be welcome though.

(Tim Slagle) #4

I’m excited about maybe being able to mount them on the ceiling without them looking like a “ball” hanging from the ceiling. :wink:

(Kristopher Kubicki) #5

I had 6 sensors - two went dead completely after about a week. They are also super huge and battery hogs.

My favorite multi sensors is the ST one by far. My favorite motion sensors are the Ecolink (cheap and reliable)

(Tim Slagle) #6

Things happen :smile:

(Brian Smith) #7

As always, competition is good. I love my Fibaros (size and the mount is simplistically awesome), so I like to see other companies push back.

(Keith Croshaw) #8

Looks cool if you want to close your blinds to protect floors or furniture from UV damage. Wish mine that I just bought were more accurate though… It harps on accuracy but I beg to differ.

(DLee) #9

The sensitivity dial impacts battery life for sure. I have sensitivity turned down to keep my cats from turning on lights. So battery life is good. For a brief while I had left sensitivity set high and I was loosing like 2% of battery per day!

The ST sensors bug me since they pick up every creature. Lack of pet mode is annoying. And while they work great for months at a time, every now and then they all stop reporting motion at the same time or one or two will not report motion for minutes or hours at a time. This even happens when they are still reporting signal, battery, temp etc. Occasional episodes of weirdness and headaches.

(John) #10

No mention of price - I wonder if they’ll be higher than the current sensor due to the added functions. I’m looking to buy a few soon and was going to go with the Fibaros, but I’ll wait a bit to see what Aeon does with this.

(Kristopher Kubicki) #11

I have one ST sensor that doesn’t work right - I installed it in my dry sauna and exposed it to 150F heat for a few days. Doh.

I’ve tried turning down the sensitivity on the Aeons, and I still have the same result. When compared to my cheap Ecolink sensors (I have dozens) – the Ecolink wins hands down. Most are still at 90% battery life after a year. Granted, I don’t get all of the same functionality but that’s OK for me.

(Vagelis F ) #12

Great!It has UV also.Let’s see if someone makes a device type for that.I am interested in the UV sensor.Probablt we can do sth with arduino?

(Calvin Robertson) #13

Looks like the light sensor is still only 0-1000 lux. Otherwise it looks really cool.


No exterior use mentioned

(Greg) #15

I did find this

“Outdoor sensor.
Gain outdoor intelligence. IP20 rated, you can use MultiSensor 6 outdoors by disabling its motion sensor and usings its 5 other sensors.”


Hope this lives up to all their hype. If so I’ll get a couple of these. I have the last generation of the Aeotec multi and its OK except for eating batteries.

(Ray) #17

The only reason I am waiting for Aeon is because Fibaro doesn’t make an outdoor one. I have a couple of the Aeon multi and they are a pain.

(Afeeblemind) #18

I’ve noticed that my sensors go thru some batteries!

(llcanada) #19

The Smartest House is preselling the Aeon New Multisensor and Z wave light and new Smart 6 Switch on pre-order with release date May 20, 2015.

(Mike Skiby) #20

i have the previous gen … and have never found any tasks / functions that utilize the light sensor …

ie. maintain ‘x’ lux when motion is detected, or enable switch (fan) when humidity is above ‘x’ percent

anyone have any thoughts or resources??