Best of the best?

We all agree ST is the best Eco system :wink:

With the flood of devices, I am curious what everything thinks is the best contact sensor, motion sensor, temperature sensor, etc?

It is supported by ST does not count :smile:

Contact Sensor - I have and love the Aeon Recessed

Motion - I have the original Smart Things one, it’s great. I also have the Aeon and Mono Price ones. The Mono Price I like but the Aeon is sparatic at best.

Temperature - Mostly use the Mono Price temperature from the Motion Sensors and I like them, one of the Aeon is completely off. The other works good.

It’s funny how people see different things with all these devices.

I am exactly the oposite. I LOVE my Aeon Multi but hate my mono’s and have actually been systematically replacing them with a combo of STs motions and Aeons. lol

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