If you had to do it over

Or…“which devices would you use again and which ones do you regret buying?”

If you could start over, which devices would you buy again and recommend, and which devices do you regret buying prior, either due to issues with device or not working as expected? What is your favorite device and automation? What are you most fond of bragging about? :smile:

My GE Dimmers have a constant Buzz until 85% Brightness. I have two of these that I am not sure where I am going to move them to. I am ordering Linear Z-wave Dimmers that others say do not Buzz.
The Smartthings Multi’s are awesome, I just wish they were a bit smaller.

I wholeheartedly agree with @Kooltaco - the Multi’s are an exceptionally agile piece of hardware. I use them for monitoring everything from doors, to clothes dryers and washing machines, to the presence of hot water in pipes. I’m also trying to get one to notify if the building fire alarm goes off.

At the moment I really really regret purchasing both the four button remote and the motion sensor. The four button remote is just not well supported on the platform at the moment - but that will get better. The motion sensor is only $5 cheaper than the aeon-labs version - and for those extra few dollars you get so so much more functionality.

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I really regret buying Belkin Wemo’s. I did it before I invested into the ST world and the two don’t play nicely as well as I hoped although that is improving.

I’ve had the opposite experience with the motions. While it’s true the ST motion only provides one feature, I had had some issues with my Aeon from false positives with temperature (telling me my kitchen was 189 degrees!), to batteries low causing it stop working even though ST told me there was 43 percent, to not the most accurate motion detection when mounted on ceiling. Haven’t had any issues with ST motion sensor but only use it for thing and it’s placement is basic.

That is very interesting to hear @mbhelfman - I haven’t noticed anything like that - I only have three of the Aeon’s running though - and only for a short time, so perhaps I am yet to experience the weirdness.

Which WeMo devices have you been having problems with?

It’s funny how the same products elicit different opinions. The 4 button remote has been just what I needed for my bedside. My iPhone usually takes anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds to connect to the hub whereas the remote connects instantaneously. I just use 4 of the 8 button presses (Home, Night, Alarm and Sonos) so I can toggle my alarm setup.

There’s nothing like waking to a 3 am false alarm siren/dogs barking and having to wake up my phone, put on my glasses, enter my pass code, and wait for up to 10 seconds for the app to accept input while it’s connecting to the hub to make you appreciate a simple button press that toggles the system waking up the house. I still need to look at my “Things” screen to make sure it really is a false alarm but the speed of the remote would let me turn everything back on if I needed to.

As to the motion sensor, I, too, like the Aeon’s capabilities but the SmartThings sensors blend in a bit better in my living areas and, according to my family, are much less noticeable than the Aeon and the Schlage sensors.

That said, I’m happy with all the sensors, sirens (Fortrezz), light and dimmer switches (GE)’ remotes and presence sensors I’ve purchased. I just wish my iPhone app connected to the hub a bit faster.

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Do you have neutral in the location? I think it’s the lack of neutral that does that?

Though its not officially supported yet my favorite purchase was the MIMOlite. I have it monitoring the interconnect wire on my smoke detectors. So if any one senses smoke, they all trigger and ST lets me know. I also have it wired so I can set off the smoke alarms manually from ST.

I also really like the Aeon multi in my gun safe which gives me all the different sensors I need to know if there is any kind of trouble inside. I just wish it had acceleration too so I would know if anyone is pounding on it with a sledge hammer.

My least favorite item is the presence sensors. They have a short range, they are absolutely huge so I never event attempted putting them on my keyring. I prefer using our iPhones for presence. I stuck the one presence sensor in my girlfriends purse just in case she forgot it she would know.

If I could do it over again I’d pass on the Philips Hue and instead buy nothing but http://www.amazon.com/TCP-LAS11LC-11-watt-equivalent-Wireless/dp/B00DYO93UC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1403578556&sr=8-2&keywords=tcp+light+bulbs

The Hue lightbulbs are $60 each and while the color of these bulbs can be controlled I’m not crazy about how they work with the smartthings hub. I bought the Hue before ST supported TCP’s hub and lightbulbs. The TCP bulbs are only $20 each and they work perfectly with my smartapps.

Yes, I have a Neutral, I think it is just poor quality control. The Amazon reviews also mention buzzing GE Z-wave Dimmers many times…

I hear buzzing with my hues too. It seems to be coming from a traditional (non-Z-Wave) switch and not from the bulbs themselves. That said, I don’t use the color settings, and so the hues are are what I would “take back” if I could.

My favorite is the SmartSense Multi (even if we didn’t make it) - I have probably 20 and I still want more as I keep finding uses for them.