Inovelli Switches

When will the Inovelli switches be integrate into Samsung connect

Don’t they pair with the hub as z-wave switches? Or are you looking for advanced settings/features?

There are two sets of code you have in insert to get these switches to do advanced features. It’s not difficult to do, and the switches are awesome once they are programmed. If you email Eric at Inovelli, he’ll walk you through the process. He’s very patient and helpful.

Unless something has changed Samsung has not included the Inovelli switches to work in Connect yet only Smart Things.
Eric is aware of this and I believe is working with Samsung on it. I was just hoping a Samsung person might respond with some up to date info on the progress. Probably wishful thinking. Trying to do some theft deterrent and automated lighting routines when away from home. New at this so have a lot to learn on the best way to do things. Seems you can do programs many different ways. I am just not quit sure where to start at.
Samsung connect may not be what I want either. I am going to look at Smart Rules and see what it looks like.

Thanks for clarifying, I think I missed that you were asking about connect and not ST, my bad.

Hi there,
New to the game and I have this switch and have the two codeine the DH & My Smartapps. But when I go into the ST my apps it never connects to the ABC for new button device mapping. Any idea how to fix this?

Have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it?