Inovelli Ilumin RGBW woes. Smartthings added 2 bulbs as a dimmer and can't delete

I bought a boatload of Inovelli products based on forum recommendations. We ARE mostly happy with our investment though I’ve found Inovelli support is somewhat lacking, in that there is no contact phone number, their site states a 3-4 hour response time but I received an email 6 days after ticket without any answers and advised that the company in its entirety was out of town. The earliest I should expect to hear back would be an additional week. Not too many companies can get away with that level of fantastic support these days but I digress.

10 Bulbs paired without issues. I paired an additional 2 bulbs on two different light fixtures, but after installing the latest gen 2 Red On/Off Switches and I didn’t realize til I went in to set routines that both bulbs paired as a “dimmer” and none of the commands/features within smartthings classic or current can control them. New to Z-Wave, I thought I could just delete the devices and repair but was promptly disappointed as the apps directed me to a site that didn’t list Ilumin info.

Neither the instructions provided, nor the Innovelli site make mention of resetting a bulb should the pair go wonky but I’d think there would be some way to start fresh and set them up on a non-inovelli switch for initial pair and then transplant back (as I tested with another 3 bulbs and had success).

Any info would be beyond appreciated.

On a side note, I find it incredibly odd that the bulbs cannot properly pair when using an Inovelli switch that is designed to work specifically with their bulbs but hey, it definitely reminded me not to put all my eggs in just the one basket :wink:

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Hey @OldDog_NewTricks - sorry for the word, let’s figure this out!

Yeah, support has been difficult and I apologize for that as we had our lead CS member leave for a different job, so we’re in the middle of training her replacement. In addition, most of the team has been at CES (I’m actually still here waiting for my flight lol). We should be back to 100% in a couple weeks.

Anyway, enough of me rambling, let’s get you squared away here.

Can you download the Classic App as I’m not super familiar with the functionality of the new App?

Once downloaded, if your bulbs still show up, please click on them and then click the gear icon. Then scroll to the bottom and click, “Remove” and then turn the bulb off (cut power) and then turn it back on. It should blink twice and then a third time to signify that it removed properly.

If it doesn’t remove, click, “Force Remove” and ignore the warnings.

Once both are removed, please do the following:

  • Click on the Menu and select, “Hub is Online”
  • Then click, “Z-Wave Utilities” and then, “General Device Exclusion”
  • Turn the power off to the bulb and then click “Remove” - once the Hub is excluding, turn the power back on - the bulb should blink twice and then a third time if successful (the app will also tell you it removed properly).
  • Now, turn the bulb off again and go to, “My Home” and click the (+) at the top right to add the bulb.
  • Once the hub is searching for the bulb, turn the power back on and it should blink twice and then a third time to confirm.

Hopefully this gets the bulb paired.

As for associating the bulb to your switch, can you let me know if the bulb is wired to the switch or is the bulb on a separate load?

Hang in there, we’ll get you up and running, I promise. Sorry again for the delay here.

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Thanks for the super quick reply. I should have started here :wink: I completely forgot about CES (limited sleep life with baby and 2 year old). If the rep advised of the situation in those words, I’d have been less concerned but glazing over my ticket didn’t help :wink:

Now we both are rambling…err

Kiddo is asleep atm, but I’ll give those a try first thing in AM as I started down that path but didn’t want to accidently get stuck down the rabbit hole with no way out.

On unrelated/related note: I downloaded your handlers and installed them for my switch and was advised that the “ABC” Handler would be helpful. Do these piggyback or would I need to run the “ABC” only? I’m looking for a way to set kiddo permissions on a time routine. Like any good warden, I’d like my inmates to have access to light privileges but not after 8PM and only after 7AM.

Safe flight and I BEYOND appreciate the assistance.


Sorry for the delay in getting back on, I wanted to be overly thorough and methodical (dare I say surgical) in my troubleshooting resolutions. As luck would have it, almost as if the clouds parted and someone heard my pleas, I received a Sunday morning SURPRISE shipment of an additional 4 Inovelli Red Dimmers and 2 more RGBW Bulbs.

Like a kid on X-mas morning I ripped open that box, and couldn’t install and pair those 2 new bulbs fast enough. Armed with the Classic App I installed the first bulb in a light that had been tried and true during this process and it hung up at 30% and that’s where it and my phone sat for a duration exceeding 30 minutes.

I backed out, saw no new “thing” as it was called back in the “classic” days and closed the app in a “force”ful manner. Fearing the worst, I checked my hub to find that it believed itself to “on”, checked my other Z-stuff and wifi paired devices to find them all working just fine. Now I thought, perhaps my classic had betrayed me in some way, so I went to a box labeled “More Smart Stuff” and grabbed a Z-wave repeater, Leviton was its name or so the story goes and armed once more with my new “classic” I followed the advice once told me of the “classic” “add thing” and like a finely tuned motor it purrrrred into paired and functional without issue.

I sprinted (or at least walked with vigor) back to my Inovelli box that was painted in vibrant and exciting pigments and grabbed the last bulb, again with classic I went but this time to another light that too had paired perfectly so many Inovellis before it and I added the “thing”. It hung up again at a 30% completion or so I recall, by this point my eyes were filled with rage and frustration that it was difficult to make out the % as shook my fist at the Smart Gods.

Again, I backed out, force closed app and this time I loaded my new “smartthings” app and as I popped in it said it had two new “devices” (they were no longer “things”) and oddly enough, only one device was paired as a proper RGBW bulb, the other said “Secure Dimmer” as had the other 2 of its brothers that failed to pair proper.

At this point I’ve now properly paired 11 of 14 bulbs without issue but 3 failed to fall into line. I placed one with its family, 1 by itself or “timeout” as I called it and a third bulb back in its original place of failed pairing for a proper experiment calls for controls and so I experimented in proper manner.

Again, all 3 bulbs proved just out stubborn they could be, as NOT A SINGLE one of them would allow me to “remove” them in a gentle or even in a “Force”ful manner. I had tried to remove all 3 whilst providing the whitest and most blinding of light as each of the 3 as a “secure dimmer” would not dim but they would shine, and allow me to turn them off. I tried to “remove” and again force “remove” all 3 while in an “off” state and like dominos that were cemented down they refused to fall in line.

I gave each of them this mentally exhaustive procedure 2 more times and at 30 minutes of time per force removal none would remove.

Perhaps it was the sleep deprivation or the mental fatigue that goes with “smart bulbs” being much less so but NOW I had a bright idea. I had seen on an site and installation leaflets that there was a github that had boasted a “inovelli-bulb-multi-color.src” so I opened and copied all that raw coding goodness and with a customer handler made I associated with one of the 3 bulbs to see if it would now allow me to remove it any way. The “thing” was now a bulb but now even the on/off options had no effect on the bulb so discipline intensified and I tried to remove gentle, then forceful this custom handled coded “bulb” but again met with resistance it still wouldn’t remove.

I thought about uploading all the fun photos and videos I took of the bulbs misbehaving right then but as I had just conducted an experiment I now needed to write my notations and I was feeling frosty.

Reinvigorated by those new “Red Dimmers” I went fourth and installed an additional “Red On/Off Switch” and a couple dimmers wherein I found so so many disclaimers. Much information contained that I found not as useful, as these were dimmers just like I had encountered in the wild, so so so so many times before. I didn’t have in it my heart to have another failed product so I erred on the side of caution, scared by the redundant messages about following a loose leaflet with additional information that was so “IMPORTANT” that it couldn’t possibly fit on the GIANT tapestry of installation instructions provided. So packed with information was the tapestry that not even the poor forgotten green (sometimes copper without sheathing) known as “Ground” could be illustrated.

I powered back on the house made my way back to the installed switch and dimmers and a-pairing I a-went. Like Elon Musk on the first Space X launch out of the stratosphere I was anxiously awaiting the pairing outcome of the first switch and I almost leaped with excitement when it said that a “new thing” had been added and I could name her. I knew triplets were expected, so on to the heavily cautioned about “Red Dimmer”. The tension was so palpable that you cut it with a childs safety scissor, but again success and dare I say a happy dance that was more awesome than that of the “Carlton”. Feeling optimistic I named both of successes and moved onto the last dimmer. Again paired and named without provocation.

If you are keeping score, as I am. That is Now 16 flawless install and pairings and 3 disappointments that refuse to do what they are told.

My quest although mostly fruitful did bear some unintentional fruit. I sorted out the child handlers after actually reading the 350+ lines of code. Learned that the “IMPORTANT” leaflet was indeed important and quite possibly should have been included into the Installation tapestry in lieu of the Project Lights Out story, which I actually did read…because of course I used the toilet during making of this story or perhaps where the Manual configuration Settings were located because lets be real, if you need the manual settings on a “Smart” product then probably a leaflet kind of person anyway.

Like the gal who robbed and squatted at the bear’s house, my story is in need of a happy ending. Eric, please tell me we are almost out of the woods and lead me to some successful conclusion to the current Inovelli bulb story. I’d love to order the sequel but am concerned with the current investment. :kissing_heart:

That was an incredible bed time story, thank you lol

Lol, if only I could paint as colorful of a picture you have on the tickets that come in on a daily basis. One of my favorite pictures of someone wondering why their switch is, “making a clicking sound” and sent a picture in that showed the neutral wire was wired to the neutral terminal and then they took the neutral wire jumper included in the dimmer box and jumped neutral to line. Incredible!

My favorite part… the audacity to suggest this was a malfunctioning switch. Whew… at least don’t show me the evidence it was user error!

Hence the dictionary of instructions, hence the sticker, hence the leaflet.

Are you sure you’re using the Classic App? I believe this is the new app as there’s no completion status in the Classic App.

I mean, if you’re going to blow me a kiss, I suppose I can help – just buy me dinner next time.

Anyway, out of curiosity, how do the bulbs show up in IDE? Do they show up as the, “Inovelli Bulb Multi-Color” or does it say something else.

I’ll admit, it took me a good 30 minutes to read this unpublished masterpiece and I likely missed a few things, so apologies if you’ve mentioned it.

Haha, you are good and I appreciate you following me on this odd endeavor. You certainly seem to possess level of patience found only in Tibetan livestock…just saying, the jumper is white and Line is never white so that person should hire someone and have someone remove all sharp objects from their home. :upside_down_face:

As for %, I checked my notes and I did indeed add ALL the bulbs via the new app. It’s difficult to keep it all straight living in this two version system world of ours (notes are crucial). I used classic app to “Add a Thing” with the Dimmers and Switches and then used “classic” to try and remove them all. Also tried removing via the new system on one of them but hit the same wall.

IDE showed all the bulbs as “Aeon LED Bulb”, but I did try and add a handler to one of the bad paired bulbs via copied your raw code from github. So all the working bulbs show “Aeon LED Bulb”, all 3 bad pairs showed as “Secure Dimmer” and then I added a handler via classic for one of the “Secure Dimmer’s” and now it shows as a “Inovelli Bulb Multi-Color” but responds to none of the commands.

I’m not certain why the first two bulbs paired wrong but my guess is that the delay in on/off 3 times with the “Red Gen2 Switch” maybe caused it. That was my theory, until the latest one paired wrong when using the same fixture that I’d used for 6 other bulbs (fearing the switch as the culprit). These are the first devices that I have ever installed, the were found and paired during setup but paired as something completely different so I’m definitely at a loss and need to fix the 3 not working I currently possess and hopefully figure out how to avoid it going forward as I need a good deal more than the 14 originally procured.

As for dinner, I’m not certain you’d enjoy it with my two year old working on his manners and not tossing his Oscar worthy dramatic tantrums whilst our 8 week old cries. A beer is more my speed at the moment.

Real Talk : your Inovelli Red switches, Dimmers and working bulbs have given me the first night of sleep in 2 months. I’m finally defeating my two year old in the battle of the toddler bed. He can’t keep up with my bulb elimination per time out of bed and 12 second on switch but he’s trying. The run from switch to bed is giving him a good exercise as well, so maybe a “Heart Healthy” cert should be forthcoming.

UPDATE: Started playing with the 3 bulbs again with IDE and found some code for Aeon RGBW (2016) , Aeon LED Bulb 6 Multi-color, Aeon LED Bulb.

**I hadn’t originally thought anything of the handler auto loaded in SmartThings new app but for some reason most of the bulbs were setup with the “Aeon LED Bulb” handler. So I got to thinking of a test, I put Each Aeon LED handler on its own non-functioning bulb and 2 of them worked…kind of. Tried the Aeon LED Bulb on the last holdout and working. **

Now all Bulbs were working, for most part but colors that had seemed a bit off since day 1 and inability to control temp which I had originally shrugged off as a bug to work out later had lit the filament in my cranium with a eureka moment. All the Handlers were wrong on all bulbs, thus the variation in colors, speeds, incorrect color temps, etc.

I tried the latest “Inovelli Bulb Multi-Color” handler and some of the 14 were working, but not without new issues. They would show off, when on, I could control colors, which were now accurate and color temp was functional but many of the bulbs became not operational with the handler designed for them and again, the ones that took the handler would mostly show off while on, and some would show on while on but inconsistently.

I’m beginning to solve my problem, but scratching my head as to how the handler designed for them isn’t working (had to revert some bulbs to “Aeon LED Bulb”, others to “Aeon LED Bulb 6 Multi-Color” which was stranger yet, as not all the bulbs could function to an operational level with a uniform handler. I’m happy that all bulbs are now working but now we need to find the source of this anomaly to get them all happy on the proper handler and I’m open to all suggestions at this point.

@erocm1231 – do you think you can help here?

@OldDog_NewTricks – yeah this is weird. Glad you could get them to “work” – hang in there, we’ll get you up and running!

What a rollercoaster ride that was/still is.

@erocm1231 and @Eric_Inovelli so I hadn’t heard back with a resolution as yet but reading through the lasted handler code and that of the previous Aeon Bulb code I started to get a feeling that the bulb code wasn’t written for all SmartThings Hubs, IE the SmartThings Link, which I’ve been using for almost 2 years now. Did not have that info anywhere on your site or in the included documentation so my hours and hours of frustration culminated in additional expenses. I’ve now purchased a v3 hub and am going to spend a LOT more hours starting from scratch as any migration hopes I had seem unlikely.

On the new hub, the bulbs are being recognized and functioning properly through new app.

I had thought the much more robust power of the Nvidia Shield would have made for a more powerful smarthome but the handler codes don’t seem to be written in a way that they function as in intended. I’d recommend that you include something on your Amazon and/or Website at a minimum to avoid future unhappy customers.

Having to solve my own issue was neither exciting or something I’d expected and if you want to reach out to me to make it right, I’d appreciate it.

@OldDog_NewTricks this was probably partially my doing due to the kiddo switch solution lol. Inovelli is a great company with fantastic support, BUT they are small (like 4 on staff now?) and were at CES trying to get there name out there. Hopefully you just got them at a bad time.

I’m following this and can receive PM’s as well if you are having further issues. I installed 2 more ilumin bulbs last night with the NEW app successfully (they are WWST ceritified, so it makes it SUPER easy).

My steps were as follows:

  1. Cut power at switch
  2. Install (1) new ilumin bulb
  3. Initiate add device in NEW app, by searching ilumin and selecting RGBW bulb
  4. App will say to turn on and off 3 times. I did this SLOWLY, waiting for the double blink (pairing mode) to complete each time, perhaps 3 seconds between actions.
  5. Upon pairing success, the bulb blinked one time by itself (took about 15 seconds?).
  6. About 10 seconds later (after the single blink), the phone completed installation and allowed me to name the bulb.

Hope this helps? The old app doesn’t have the newer WWST items, including these ilumin bulbs, as an option, so I found the new app to be better.

Note: One of my 8 bulbs I did have an issue with the bulb not being found, but when I backed out of the add device page, it was on my list as an “Ilumin RGBW bulb” or similar. I think it might have been added automatically as I might have powered it on prior to having the app ready for searching.

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Haha, @Kevin_Reene

It really IS ALL your fault :wink:

There really should be something stating compatibility limited to ST v3 or v2. From pricing and all the signatures on my boxes I’d believed the company to be bigger and suppose I held them to a higher standard.

Unfortunately with the over 1k cost investment with in Red Switches, Red Dimmers , 17 Bulbs plus significant time investment to troubleshoot and resolve its just a bit frustrating. The frustration is further compounded by the requirement of having to purchase and migrate to a different version of the current hubs, and several repeaters to make my Z-Wave mesh successful.

On a positive note, after a few Z-Wave repairs and all the troubleshooting I did,I know seem to have a solid functional Inovelli induced Z-wave network that runs well and does everything I had hoped and much more after I made a boatload of virtual switches for all my Zig, 2.4 and 5 Ghz stuff.

More importantly @Kevin_Reene, your suggestions paid dividends and my toddler that had reverted to a sleep terror is finally becoming a sleep angel, more and more every day. The Alexa routines that prompt him to get back in bed, didn’t hurt either :wink: So thankyou

My concern now will be using these switches and dimmers going forward in the new platform, as the old platform goes dodo. Those 4 people have a lot more on their plate now, than this guy and his bulb mess.

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