Red Series Scenes Not Working in Classic ST App?

I’ve been getting familiar with my new Inovelli Red Series Dimmer and so far it’s great. However, today I noticed an anomaly and wondering if anyone else has experienced what I’m seeing. When trying to set up a scene in the Classic ST app that includes the dimmer switch, I get an error message that the scene can’t be saved. I can set up scenes with any other of my devices just not the dimmer. I then tried to create the desired dimmer scene in the “new” ST app and it worked fine. Has anyone else had an issue creating a scene using the red series dimmer in Classic ST? I should also mention that, after creating the scene, I returned to the Classic app and successfully created the button automation (to trigger that scene) for the dimmer via Smart Lighting. In other words, I could do everything in Classic except for creating the scene that used the switch. I could only create that scene in the new ST app. Thanks for any comments.