Thank You and goodbye

Just wanted to give a very sincere Thank You to all who have helped me here over the years and really spiked my interest in Home Automation. It’s been a very fun, interesting and educational ride, but to me, SmartThings has become such a mess, it’s time to say Goodbye SmartThings and Hello Hubitat. I hope I don’t regret it!!!


I just finished moving all of my devices and pistons to HE. It was a time consuming task but not a difficult one. I documented everything before I started and that proved to be extremely helpful. Everything is working well and all of my Webcore pistons are happily humming along. Good luck with your move.


Have been swimming upstream w/ Samsung and SmarThings for several years. Have been looking for an alternative. Latest migrations may be the push I need to make this happen. Based on reviews Hubitat Elevation appears to be a good solution. One review indicated that it is difficult to master. Feel like I have better than average system skills, but, not a programmer. Any guidance on this solution and ease of setup and maintenance. Especially the automation including geofencing for when home or away actions?

There are some great threads on the transition from ST to Hubitat on the HE forum, Very helpful folks there as well!