It's been fun, and a good learning experience, but I'm out

So 3+ years after I came to Smartthings after Iris booted us to the curb, Samsung is booting me to the curb. I have opted for a a platform that can stand on its own, thus I am gone, I have moved all of my Zwave, and Zigbee stuff over to Hubitat. I had one failure that appears hardware related and that is my KOF ceiling fan controller in the kitchen. I will be working with Zooz / to find a ceiling fan / light control solution.

I am still waiting for fresh batteries to arrive from Amazon, they are running late, so I have 3 sensors that have yet to be paired by not a big deal. The zones are covered by other sensors / cams.

I was so close to being done with my system under Smartthings. It’s a pity that Samsung felt they couldn’t make a profit on this platform. It does go to show that this is one of those circumstances where local processing / embedded data processing provides a superior product at a competitive price.

I think Samsung was betting on more pass through revenue from ADT and others when their partners turned tail.

So enjoy, good luck, and come on over for those of you interested in Hubitat. A bit of a learning curve, but not bad. My biggest issue was getting Zwave exclusions from ST to work properly…


On hub 6 of 7 to Hubitat and I will never look back. 200 plus devices so far with zero issues. All new smokes door contacts and motions. (I assume the ADT ones are junk now.)

any Zwave hub is be able to issue the general exclusion. You could issue it from Hubitat

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Day late and a dollar short as they say. ADT / Smartthings is fully offline now for me and all Zwave stuff is moved over. I hope…

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Zigbee and zwave devices requiring the cloud is something about the smartthings architecture that never made sense from day one


I’m looking at moving to hubitant as well. I have an issue accessing scenes from the developer ide (it throws an error). I’m based in Canada so the regular smartthings support won’t help me. They tell me to report a problem from within the app. I do that and get a reply “we can’t help you. We only deal with app issues contact Samsung electronics”. The problem with Samsung electronics is their online chat literally doesn’t have a drop down item for smartthings and the only option is to call in… which I don’t have time for.

The support issue combined with the crappiness of the new app has been enough for me to throw in the towel.

Good by smartthings, it was fun while it lasted.

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Well as they say, come in in, the water’s fine!

Seriously, aside from 2 hardware related glitches, and they are absolutely hardware. Both devices were flaky on Smartthigns and just gave up when I tried doing a factory reset, one was an Iris V2 motion sensor that just stopped. Wouldn’t report anything but it woudl pair. It honestly fell off the wall due to a mounting tape failure and broke apart and was never qutie right again, the other was my Kitchen Hampton Bay fan / light controller. Those have apparently earned a bit of a repulation, but I have a fellow user that is being kind enough to send me a couple of them as replacements that are NIB so no complaints there…

I won’t lie, with every platform change, there is a new learning curve. It’s like going from Mac OS, to Windows, to Linux, and I want to do XYZ task. They all are all similar enough you feel confident, but different enough it is easy to get off track quickly. Just stick with it, read, watch, and ask questions.

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It looks like they make migration easy with that hub connect app.

My devices are pretty standard. A couple of ge switches and plugs and the rest is Zigbee smartthings branded stuff or wifi stuff.

I see the have ring support through the community which is nice. I’m hoping it’s better than the official ST implementation.