Testing a new method for Laundry Monitoring (contact sensor on rotary dial)

To be fair, the Laundry Monitor App with the multi function (vibration) sensors work (for me) most of the time. However intermittent false positives are frustrating (‘The Dryer is finished’ randomly during it’s cycle).

So I found some small magnets and am in the process of testing this in conjunction with the Notify Me When SmartApp. So far it’s looking promising. It’s not an exact science so I’ve set the option for it to not send more than one notification a minute as the sensor reads open/close a few times before the timer turns far enough for it to settle on closed. Also (again because it’s not an exact science) it will sometime notify a minute or two before it’s done because of some variance between when the sensor reads the magnet, and also how far exactly the timer turns before shutting off. Over all I am pleased though. I’d much rather get a notification a minute or two early and KNOW it’s done or about to be done than random notifications throughout the cycle. Ugly? Yes. :joy:

If anyone has any better ideas of how to tweak this let me know. Maybe a way to delay the notification by a minute or two? Still playing…


While I love your idea, I found the only reliable way for me was an energy monitor. Works every time. It’s my number one use case, as it’s really useful for my better half.

CoRE can be used to delay notification any amount you want.

Side note: I always think to myself, one day there will be a standard and all appliances will report into the smart ecosystem of choice… sigh.


Agreed. I gave up on my vibration sensors and got energy meters from Aeon and the have worked reliable for a year.

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If you move the sensor up until it’s JUST in range of the magnet at TDC (top dead center) you will probably have better results. I had to tweak a sensor like this for a drape closure setup I made. Took a lot of small adjustments to get it just right!

I too use energy meters for this. Very reliable.

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Yeah, I’ve read about the energy monitor, this was a case of using sensors I already invested in. :grinning:

So far so good. On the first real load in the washer by the time I made it down the steps it was finished, and the dryer there was about 20 more seconds of run time by the time I got to it. Will be interesting to see how much variance there is, but I’m very pleased so far!

Edit: 2nd load in the washer just finished. Got the notification, and by the time I got downstairs it was off. So it seems that sensor/magnet are adjusted PERFECTLY. :smiley:

another Edit: 2nd dryer load finished, notified, and was off when I got downstairs, so both seem very reliable


Which energy monitoring plug do you recommend? I’m looking to do this and it would kill two birds with one stone. I want the laundry monitor AND I want to kill the washer if my water sensor detects a leak.

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The Aeon Zwave one because it can handle 1500 watts.

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Just wanted to update and say I’ve been using my dial/magnet method for over 2 months now and found it to be VERY reliable. Perfect actually. No false positives, and laundry is always done once I make it downstairs after the notification on my watch.

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@bridaus can you share your code laundry as I’m having no luck even create one in core?

I’m just using the included ‘Notify Me When’ SmartApp