Laundry Door Check - *warning/advice*

So this is a project/story haha.

some time back I put energy monitors on my washing machine, then I put an energy meter in my breaker box to monitor my dryer as well. This way my wife and I get push notifications when a wash cycle or dryer cycle completes. We live in a ranch style home and our laundry room is only about 10 feet from our living room, our dryer/washer is loud enough to be annoying when running if the door is open.
My wife does the laundry, I’ve been sudo “banned” from the task. I always find myself asking her to close the door, or tell her she forgot to close it. So the other day I decided hey, I can automate this. I went to lowes. picked up a nyce door hinge sensor, and then using CoRE, put an and if then statement in that monitors the energy, if it goes above xx point, then it waits 3 minutes, then checks to see if the door status is “open”, if it is, then it sends an SMS message to my wife’s phone telling her she left it open again.

This is the warning, where I thought this was a good idea/funny. Apparently, it is not haha. I did discover because of this how comfortable the couch is though.


you playing with fire.


LMAO!!! Yeah I had SERIOUS issues with the laundry such as kids not putting up the clothes or clothes staying in the washer for too long so I embarked on a similar journey.

Push Notifications, Lights flash, TV’s get turned off, Annoying Text to Speech Alerts wait 10 minutes Repeat…

However, after a quick lesson learned, the restriction is:

If Wife’s presence sensor is Home then Abort Abort Abort!!!


We have a closet where we keep all the cleaning supplies and the first aid supplies, so there’s a lot of potentially toxic stuff in there.

I have a sensor on the door that sends me a message on my watch if it’s been left open for more than two minutes.

Then I do the “last mile” notification, Which usually means yelling to my housemate: “Hey, Mike, the closet door is open.” Works for us. :sunglasses:


:laughing:This is very timely as i just installed energy meters on our washer and dryer. Duly noted.