Testers Wanted - UPS Monitoring

I am looking for a handful of participants for a closed-beta of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) project I’m working on. Because of a relative amount of complexity in setting up the appropriate pieces I have elected to start with a closed group of participants for testing with the eventual goal of a free public release.

This project utilizes a Raspberry Pi with apcupsd, Apache 2, and PHP installed. The UPS’s are connected to SmartThings via the Raspberry Pi which acts as a proxy between SmartThings & the UPS. Each connected UPS appears to SmartThings as a LAN-connected device and is capable of receiving push notifications for power loss and power restore events. Additionally, a cron script in the Pi polls apcupsd for UPS status every 60 seconds then pushes the data to SmartThings.

Supported SmartThings Capabilities:

  • Voltage Measurement - Line (mains) voltage.
  • Power Meter - Real-time consumption in watts.
  • Battery - Battery % remaining on UPS.
  • Power Source - To indicate mains or battery as the active power source.
  • Timed Session - Runtime in minutes remaining on the battery.
  • Refresh - Pull current operational status from UPS

The app package includes:

  • DTH: Lan-connected DeviceType which communicates with the Pi. It accepts notifications from the Pi and can also initiate manual refresh of the UPS data.

  • SmartApp: (parent/child) There is a service manager SmartApp which is used to install the devices. Child apps are installed to control devices, locks, or other actions anytime a UPS-related event occurs.

Beta Participant Requirements:

  1. Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, or a Pi Zero W with powered USB hub.

  2. Serial or USB-connected UPS, preferably APC-branded however others may work.

  3. The ability to use CLI in Raspbian Linux.

  4. Patience.

If interested in helping, leave a reply below. I would like to begin testing in a few days.


I would be happy to test this but can I use a Mac instead? I have a Mac that stays on 24/7.


And I am running OS X server on my Mac so I have a web server that supports php

Hi Steve. I have the pre-reqs (RPI3 running Raspbian/Apache 2/PHP, APC BE600M1 nearby) and willing to help.
Please let me know what do you need.

Sounds great! I have like 9 CyberPower UPS’ dotted around the house and an RPi not doing a thing. Happy to help!

I have a Raspberry Pi Zero sitting in a drawer along with two APC SmartUPS’s and a big APC SmartUPS Pro (the big ones that can have the management card). I don’t know anything about the raspberry Pi zero…bought it on sale for $5 but never used it yet.

I have a Pi, a UPC APC-Backup 500 network connected. Let me know where is your GitHub so I give it a try

Sure, let’s give it a shot. You can install apcupsd on a Mac so I don’t see why this won’t work.

Thanks. Glad to have you on board!

Glad to have the help. Thought I had a lot with 6 UPS’s here!

The Zero works fine, but has a weak USB controller. I haven’t been able to find a UPS that connects to it without the use of a powered hub.

Thank you! You’ll have to configure apcupsd to communicate with LAN-based UPSs but that should otherwise work great.

All, I’m going to try to get everything pushed to github tomorrow. Stay tuned here.


I have really…REALLY bad power. 20-30 brown/blackouts a year isn’t uncommon. 120V +/- 15V is no big deal, right?

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We luckily have good power here. Short story: My UPS’s started beeping about a year ago at 9pm at night reporting incoming power at 137v so I double checked with a multi meter and sure enough 137v on multiple circuits. I went online to put a issue in with the electric company but “over voltage” wasn’t a option so I marked it brown out. A truck pulled up 40 minutes later, I explained what I found, he tested it at my meter outside and said he was getting 136 which is unacceptable and dangerous (his words). He said he’d be back, left to go to the sub station. Came back 45 minutes later and said the transformer is feeding high and they already have whatever adjustment they can do turned all the way down and that the part would be replaced overnight. Woke up the next morning to a 120.0 even. I was actually amazed.


That’s an amazing story… and no chance the same could ever be said for CPS Energy :smile:

Hi all, apologies for the delay. I have spent some time over the past few days polishing up the step by step installation instructions. I been able to replicate my results in three consecutive runs so I’m comfortable the documentation is good.

I lost a bit of time to a couple SmartThings problems over the weekend so I am behind publishing the code to Github. Give me another day or so to get that done and we can get started.



Hi @SteveWhite I was looking for something like this long time ago for my APC Smartups , I would be happy to Test it. I have a Qnap NAS with web server php. RPI3 is coming this days. Thanks.

Did I miss the github link? We are more than one month after and I kind of unterstood @SteveWhite was just fixing few details at that time.

Hi all. The project isn’t dead, but postponed until after the holidays. I had to divert time to do a ground-up rebuild of my Z-Wave network and finish work on the Iris repeater devicetype I’ve been working on. I’ll be resuming this project later this week!

Thanks for standing by!


Hi @SteveWhite i have 1 tipplite and 2 apc ups and 1 rpi2, to test

Excellent, thanks! I plan to get back to this soon. I’m currently focused on fixing issues and annoyances with my own ST implementation. I’m wrapping up work on a new SmartApp, ArloPilot for the Netgear Arlo camera system which will keep SmartThings modes in sync with Arlo modes. Once that is done I’ll come back to this.

I would like to help, I have the following equipment. I am running apcupsd already.

  1. iMac 27" connected to a APC Back-UPS NS 1000
  2. iMac 27" connected to a APC Back-UPS NS 1000
  3. iMac 24" connected to a APC Back-UPS NX 1000

If you need me just send info.

I’d like to join as well. I have 3 ups available and a few rpi’s.

Any news??

Jumping in here as well. Any updates on this? Would love to get my ups integrated :grin: