UPS reccomendations

Looking for UPS recommendations.
I’m in the US and want to have backup power for my modem, router, STv3 hub, & ring bridge.

I found a few topics talking about UPS devices but they were a little older. Thanks for any help!

For powering sensitive electronics such as routers and modems, I’d recommend a UPS that is Pure Sine Wave. Cheaper UPS units won’t have this feature, but produce dirtier power that shorten the life span of electronics.

Besides that feature, it comes down to how you want to monitor the UPS (if at all) and how much load you need to support for how long. More load for longer means more money.

As for monitoring, I have a UPS that supports USB and have a Raspberry Pi connected to it. It doesn’t integrate with SmartThings, but it does with another home automation platform I use.

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I’m a novice at this so could use any advice or info you have. For example, with the devices I listed, how do I determine the wattage I would need? I can’t see needing backup for more than an hour or so where I’m located.
If you tell me what specific info you need and give me a general idea where to find it (if it’s not obvious to a novice) I would be happy to post more details to help with suggestions.

I am in Europe, so I don’t know what is the exact match for this model, but I use an APC BX950U, with European plugs.
It gives me about 50 minutes in theory for a 2x modem, router, Hub, RPi, and a Thin Client what I use for logging things.
It has a USB port what can be connected to a computer or a RPi for monitoring the UPS. There are multiple solutions on the net how you can monitor it.

There are newer models with more features, but this one does the job for me.

I have a CyberPower CP1500 in my wiring closet.

It’s very much overkill for what’s connected but I bought it when I was running my entire office-at-home multiple computer and display setup on it.

Currently attached are:

  • SmartThings hub
  • Eero Ethernet/WiFi hub
  • 8-port Ethernet switch
  • Smith and Noble hub for powered blinds
  • 2 Sonos Connect:Amp devices running ceiling speakers
  • A Chromecast audio device
  • 5 Power-Over-Ethernet adapters connected to Nest outdoor cameras

Per the front panel display on the UPS, all of that amounts to under 80 watts, about 7% of the UPS capacity. It projects the battery would last 2 hours.