Temperature tracking and alerts if above/bellow threshold

Hi all,

I would love to have a device integrated with ST that informs me about indoor temperature so that an action is triggered when it is above/bellow a threshold. Other metrics such as humiditity, CO, CO2, dust particles etc. are nice to have but not compulsory.

What matters is accuracy and reliability of the service.

I have some candidates such as:

  1. NetAtmo weatherstation (good integration with ST, IFTTT) but expensive
  2. Awair (accurate, more indoor metrics but also expensive and no integration)
  3. DIY stuff like this (cheap and DIY, but you know, DIY…)

Can you propose any other solution? I am resided in EU.

Thanks a lot in advance

Did you look at the EverSpring st814? It has temp and humidity as well as alarm points for your above and below alerts.

I have seen that, but it is a US z-wave device (different frequency). Moreover, i do not think it is on sale at this time.

Is there a EU version?

Thanks a lot!

I just bought a couple but it was new stock from an ebay seller so perhaps they are going out.

Too bad.

Sorry to tease you… Didn’t think of the frequency difference.

good Luck

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Thanks a lot!

20 chars stupid limit

Just found out that Everspring also makes an EU version as well!!!

Question is: Will it be supported by UK ST hub?


Don’t use Netatmo unless you like to re-authorize/refresh the smartapp every 3-4 days when it stops updating.

Netatmo by itself is awesome, reliable, and measures temperature accurately.

Smartthings integration with Netatmo is awful.

I guess the IFTTT channel could be utilized for communication between the two, right?

weather tile works for me… there is also an option I added for an outdoor sensor on Honeywell thermostats… but I have not configured and smart apps to read that as it would be a custom capability.