Everspring ST814 as an alternative temperature sensor?

Has anyone had any experience using an Everspring ST814 for temperature and humidity control?


Yes, I use these. See this post.


i cant for the life of me get my ST814 to send data to ST, it connects and shows up in ST as a smartsense moisture sensor, but no readings ever show up, any advise?


How did you connect it to the ST hub? I just got one and when I try to connect the SmartTHings app just says “Identifying 1 device” and hangs forever. I asked support and they said:

We don't have a dedicated device type created for the Everspring temperature sensor so I don't think it will work I'm afraid. Sorry about that. I will flag for our hardware team so they can get something put together.

Unless you can tell me your trick, I’ll need to send it back. I thought I had seen it on the list of supported devices but it’s not there …


This one has eluded me as well. I changed the device type per what Jim had mentioned but mine doesn’t give any meaningful data to ST. I’d be willing to create a device type for this but I haven’t been able to find guidance on where to see the data that is coming from the device. The ‘raw data’ displayed in the IDE doesn’t appear to be the least bit similar to the codes in the thermometer documentation.

Anyone solve/figure this one out?

Also, are there literally NO other options out there that doesn’t cost us $50/ea.? This one, the Multi, and Aeotech’s are all around this pricepoint. Ideally, I’d like a sensor in every room, but not looking to shell out $500+.

Wasn’t Aeotech coming out with something without the motion/illumination (which should drive the cost way down AND the physical size of it)?

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