Temperature Sensor too High

I looked for a solution, but could not find any. My Samsung Multi-Sensor is registering a temperature of 139 degrees on the inside of a door. I placed another similar sensor on the same location and it registers 59 degrees.

Is there a way to offset the temperature by that much? I tired to use the temperature offset setting using -80, but it does not seem to change the temperature reading.

Am I doing something wrong?

Any suggestions are appreciated, as I am new to this.

My first reaction was, “Defective sensor”, however, I think your problem is related to the device handler which thinks the temperature it is getting from the sensor is in Celsius. It converts this number to Fahrenheit hence the high temperature reading. Here is why I think this is happening.

The culprit sensor reports 139 (supposedly F)
the similar sensor reports 59

My guess is that the culprit is getting the same reading as the similar but the device handler you are using assumes the number is Celsius and converts this number.to F
i.e 59°C×9/5+32 = 138.2°F


Good idea. I switched to Celsius, but now I am getting incorrect info from the other sensor.

Maybe I should ask for replacement before any warranty expires.

Thanks for your suggestion.

You kind of lost me here. Are they both identical (same brand and model) sensors? How (or what) did you switch to Celsius? I have to assume you modified the DH?