Difference between temperature readings of sensors


I have several Smartthings Motion sensors and Contact Sensors.
In addition to them I have a Aeon Multisensor 6 and a Zwave Thermostat from 2GIG

These are all capable of measuring temperature. But they show different values.
Today I made a test by putting them all in the same place.

All samsung Smartthings sensors show 26 degrees (celcius)
2GIG thermostat shows 29.7 degrees.
Aeon multisensor 6 shows 30.4 degrees.

Now , which one should I consider correct ?

Aeon and 2GIG have offset settings. Smartthings sensors do not have any offset setting. (or I couldn’t figure out ?)
But what I believe is that Samsung Smartthings sensors are undermeasuring. So infact I need offset on them.

I’d appreciate if anyone who has experience on at least 2 of these sensors/thermostat could give me an opinion.
Which one is really correct ?

A couple of things…

  1. I have no idea which is most accurate
    I bought a cheap room thermometer and calibrated everything to that

  2. If you go into the device from ‘things’ you will see a ‘cog’ icone in the top right-hand corner - click this and you will find a calibration setting

To be honest I was confused as first then just set an average of a couple of sensors
If I want something to happen at 20c and my sensors show 19 then I just set it to +1 in the calibration

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I have done the same thing for several temperature sensors in my home. You need to use a thermometer that you know is accurate as a reference. Otherwise you’re just guessing (and so is anyone else on this forum).

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I realized that I have the offset setting for Smartthings sensors , but the Aeon Sensor does not have offset setting.
Aeron Sensor is Mutisensor 6
How can I adjust offset / calibrate for this sensor ?

There is a community created, alternative dth for the Aeon which will give you the ability to calibrate.
If you search in the forums you will find it and how to apply it

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