Multisensor recording in Farenheit but App in Celsius

I have a multi-sensor that for some reason shows in Farenheit where everything else is in C. This was working over the weekend but I have moved everything to a new email account so needed to recreate everything.

I have deleted it/readded it. Reset my home location back to Celsius and then re-added the device but not luck

Any ideas?

I had a similar issue in my door sensor. I used the Web to change the home settings to C, uninstalled the device, removed the battery and readded it.

We are seeing a trending issue with this but I have been unable to isolate a pattern. it’s not the same sensor or circumstances th each time. The more instances we have for tracking, the quicker we can isolate. Shoot a note too support with the screenshots and they’ll investigate.

I’ve got the the same (or similar) problem with both the sensors that came with the kit. I didn’t realise that I needed to set the house to C when I initially set it up (seriously, why don’t you read the phone’s locale settings and use that as a sensible default?). I’ve now set the house to C, the sensors are still showing as F (but now in a red circle, I guess it thinks it’s 70C), I’ve tried deleting them and readding them (even taking the battery out) with no luck.

So my hub was rebooted remotely via the api website by myself and never came back. Raised support ticket and based on what I dis to resolve the issue imho it was a server backend issue. Aaron and co worked with engineers and after 3 days my hub came back online last night. The interesting thing is that the Fahrenheit device automatically switch backed to Celsius. Seems like a few gremlins in the cloud based software.

I have the same issue.

Has anyone come up with a solution which doesn’t involve uninstalling, reinstalling and rebuilding your macros etc? Getting a tad annoyed with the beta test feel of Smart things in the three weeks I’ve had it. Every time I need to make a seemingly minor change, you shouldn’t have to uninstall all routines, uninstall the sensor, reinstall the sensor, and then rewrite every routine that was linked to it.

Did you try changing the settings using the Web, and not the software? That worked for me.

I agree with you. There is a beta feel to it and the interface is really clunky. The fact that I cannot add another users is pathetic. It should not have been released without cote features. Anyway I will soldier on but it is frustrating

No, but I’ll give that a try when I get home, will report back :slight_smile:

I was having the same issues with devices showing in Fahrenheit although the hub was set to Celsius, but it now seems to have fixed itself.

The only change I have made is to update the iOS app.

We are getting some traction on these reports. We are hearing reports that they are correcting themselves (albeit not fast enough). Keep reports coming so we can isolate.


Me too. Home Location on the web is C, but readout on device in the app is in F. :confused:

@Twisticles (I am not sure HR will let me write out your handle! :smile: ).

If you haven’t already - can you send this image and email address for your account to to check out?

Sure, will do!
Thanks for responding too, appreciate it.

There is not a parameter available to me on the web interface for change scale.

Go to My Locations, Edit, Change the scale

If it’s in C, Change it to F, and then back to C again.

This may or may not work. It worked for me.

I also reported this to Support today. So far they are advising me to check everything is set to C in my locations…which it is.

The two sensors I have are the multi-sensor and motion sensor. The motion sensor correctly shows Celsius. By the multi-sensor shows in Fahrenheit. The IDE and the App both show being set as C.

I just got SmartThings, and this is the only major issue i’m having thus far… My multi sensor is reporting temperature in F and not C. However, when the location is set to ‘C’ the tile in the app is red, which I guess means that it thinks 70c is pretty high, so it knows that it should be reporting in Celsius. When i set it to ‘F’ the tile goes green, which is more evidence to support my previous idea.

Any update on this?

i removed it and readded it and rebooted the router. That resolved it for me. I made sure to update my location/settings before readding

Hi, I had the same problem. Some sensors will change straight away, like a motion sensor. But others will take a least 3-4 days to get in line with the app. Just bare with and it will sort it self in time.