Temperature Sensor for Radiant Floor Heat


I’ve been searching around trying to find a temperature sensor to monitor my radiant floor heat system. All I’m looking to do is monitor the actual temperature of the floor in SmartThings. I’m currently trying to use a SmartThings multi sensor but I think its just giving me the ambient temperature of the room.

Does anyone know of a product that is a smart temperature contact sensor?

You could use a typical zigbee leak sensor, as those also monitor temperature. You would need a small styrofoam box to cover it to avoid ambient air temperature impacting the readings. Not exactly a contact temperature measurement, but that is the smallest battery powered device that comes to mind. Although, probably not much different than your ST Multi Sensor.

If you’re a tinkerer, you could easily build a temperature sensor using my ST_Anything software, running on a small ESP8266 microcontroller, and connected to a DS18B20 temperature sensor (or similar.) Let me know if you like to try this path, as I’d be happy to assist you.

Thanks for the idea ogiewon. I’e done a few things with a raspberrypi, so I’m happy to try the diy route. I am not getting the accurate readings i was hoping from the ST multi sensor.

I’ll have to pickup an ESP8266 microcontroller and a DS18B20 to play around with. I have never heard of these boards.

Here is the NodeMCU ESP8266 board that I typically recommend. It is inexpensive and the most reliable WiFi connected board that I have used with ST_Anything. You’ll also need some 4.7k resistors to wire them up.

An here are the DS18B20 temperature sensors that I would recommend. (Or similar… these are not exactly flat, but they do work very well, and are waterproof.)

And you many want a breadboard for prototyping. It makes temporarily wiring everything up much easier.

And you’ll probably want some of these jumper wires (or similar) as well…