Attic Temperature Sensor Recommendations? - High Heat Environment

Need the community’s recommendation and advice please. I’m looking for a temperature sensor to
install in my attic and work through ST. I live in AZ, 2 story home, with concrete roof tiles. In the summer my roof surface can exceed 170°F, and attic temps in excess of 140°F. I prefer a sensor with 110v power source vs battery. The sensors I have reviewed (and there are many) either are not rated to operate in an environment over 104°F, and/or are unable to monitor temps in excess of 125°F. Once I’m able to find a solution I plan on Installing a gable-mount attic fan with the hope of using the sensor to help control the attic fan. Worst case scenario is that I can’t integrate the fan to the sensor, but at least I want to see the temps before & after installing the fan, and the ability to at least monitor the temps. Thank you all for you help.

Edit: At this point I am also willing to consider a separate radio unit using a pluggable temperature probe, but would like to keep cost $120 or less.

The express controls EZMultiPli (aka homeseer HSM200) is listed as supporting temp range of 20-150F

Tony…Thanks for your quick reply That is a model I was considering however the only place I found it was Amazon at $752 USD, all other sites we’re out of stock, and nothing on eBay (which surprised me).

You could use an esp8266 and a temp sensor with the “SmartThings anything” smartapp.

I would 2nd the esp8266 and “st anything” smartapp. I setup one to monitor my server/network rack and have 2 temp/humidity sensors and a relay to alert me of power outages (all my equip is on battery backup, but relay connects to a wall outlet to let me know when circuit power is out).

You could use alarm/hvac wire (4/5 strand) to run the sensors to different parts of your attic for temps/humidity readings. And the esp8266 can be mounted in a closet with just the sensor wires going into the attic space for easier service/updates and to keep the unit climate controlled.

Homeseer says they are waiting on new stock.

Fortrezz has a leak and Temperature sensor which is on the official “works with smartthings” list and can handle an operating environment up to 150°. The newest generation only offers a battery operated model, but there is also an older one which has a plug-in power cord. The new one happens to be on sale right now for about $40.



Qibino and Fibaro devices accept external DS18B20 temperature probes.

With FIBARO FGBS-222, you can have 6 channels.

Make sure your attic fan has a thermal link to shut off power if there’s a fire, else it will help burn down your home