SmartThings thermometer (not house, but grill/smoker): help needed

Looking to buy or build a thermometer that will give “continuous” temperature readings through ST (so I can have lights turn certain colors for temperature ranges).

Doesn’t seem like there’s much of a market except for fridge/freezer things.

I’ve tried to research the guys doing the ESP8266 paired with an Arduino. But when reading the instructables, he’s requiring an extensive knowledge in Arduino sketch and things like that. I’m still new to SmartThings, been using it a while, but was just getting a grasp on using device handlers, then ST took all that away. I have no clue how to use Edge drivers and such.

I still ordered the 3-wire temp probes, an ESP8266 board and an Arduino kit.

Can anybody help walk me through this, or is there a decent way to do this, or even a product that I can buy and manipulate for my use (needs to go up to 500°F. (most of the commercial devices only go to ~150°F).

Thanks for any insight.

Edit: this is the instructables page that I’m looking at, but a lot of foreign concepts to me.

Tagging @ogiewon in case he has any thoughts.

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Unfortunately, the Instructable posted above is based on my deprecated (aka nearly obsolete) ST_Anything project. Due to the impending shutdown of SmartThings’ Groovy platform, the ST_Anything DTHs will soon be useless.

It all still works great on Hubitat. Or, Home Assistant could easily do it using ESPHome. This requires even fewer programming skills, as the Arduino IDE is not required to use ESPHome.

I am not sure if anyone has a new ST Edge driver based solution for integrating Arduino/ESP8266/ESP32 devices.


So your saying make the switch to Hubitat or HA??

I’ve been so scared to do either of those.

I am just saying, there are options. :sunglasses:

You may be able to direct-connect the ESP8266 to your ST account as a cloud connected device. I am pretty sure ST posted an example of doing this here in the community forum a while ago.