Setting temperature alarms

Tried searching but didn’t see any information on this.
Installed several motion, door sensors, and leak sensors, thought it was great they also had temperature sensors.
I have everything displaying in Celsius (being up in Canada) set the custom alarm to 45 degrees I assumed Celsius far above the 20 degrees displayed on each device.
But I am getting temperature alarms.
When setting a custom temperature alarm does it only alarm in Fahrenheit (it does not say on the setting option)?
Also the temperature alarm does not indicate which sensor is in alarm.
Am I missing something?


I’m the smartthings app settings there is a temperature scale setting where you can set Celsius or fehrenheit.

yes I have set the smartthings app settings to Celsius but the temperature alarm is still giving me alarms even though the sensors are only displaying 20 degrees Celsius and the alarms are set to great than 45 degrees

I can’t help with the F/C question since I’m just a dumb yank and have no clue about how the rest of the world functions ( LOL )
How are you setting up the alarm ?
In SHM, you set it up under custom, new monitoring rule . Then it will ask you what device type you want to use ( which is temperature) , which sensors you want to use, this I where you select the contact, moisture, motion sensors that have temperature that you want to use.
Then select how you want to be alerted, push, SMS, lights, siren etc.

yes that is exactly how I had it setup
What about indicating which sensor is in alarm?
I only get a general temperature alarm it does not say which one is alarming.

If you want a separate notification, you would need to set up separate rules for each one. I have 1 " cellar is freezing" which monitors all of the sensors in the basement, alerts me if any drop below 35* F . If I need to see which one, I can open the app and see which one it is.
If you want separate alerts based on which sensor, you would need to set up separate monitoring rules for each one.

Actually looking my SHM, notification history it does show which devices triggered the alert.

ok thanks yes in my notification activity feeds it is showing in Fahrenheit weird but if I look at the devices they appear in Celsius

On main SHM , click on the top left, open up the main ST menu. Click on the settings ( top right) . There you can set F or C. I ass-u-me that should fix it

no I ass-u-med the samething that is how I have it set to display Celsius
not a big deal I can just convert my alarming to Fahrenheit the app should clearly say in Fahrenheit but you find out pretty quick with the alarm going off

Drop a note to You might be the first one to notice the SHM C/F mistake

thanks for your help
sent them a message
now back to playing with my new toys

One other thing I just happened to notice–it looks like the color of the temperature background does not set properly in C mode in the app. Take a look at this screenshot from another thread (color background of temperature reading should be green)