Home Monitor Notification

I use a custom home monitor that notifies me when any of the selected temperatures are either below 50 or above 80. Does anyone know of a way, even with a device handler to do the same thing but in part of the message also send you what the temperatures are for instance the message could look like the following. That way you can know where the problem is and what the temperature is. I use this for protection to know if either my AC stops working or the furnace stops working.

Temperature Alarm
Temp-1 71°
Temp-2 70°
Temp-3 47°
Temp-4 72°

phone-app SmartHomeMonitor / SHM should do this with custom alarm, temperature criteria. Any specific notification value would have its custom text “sensor group1 at 80F”, “johnson sensor2 at 50F”, etc.

No device handler necessary. There are probably many ways to make it complicated with custom device handler or smart apps.

There are some smart apps out there that simply monitor based on temperature on a list of sensors. I believe they are just template apps in the IDE. I use them specifically for this same purpose.

They dont trigger though based on several temp settings, but a set threshold. And then will notify you so often as the temp changes. And is beyond the threshold. It came in useful this last winter when my furnace quit working as well.