Compatible humidity sensor?

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I’m looking for a sensor with a humidity gauge that I could use to trigger ventilation fans. Anyone have any leads on where I might find something like that?

edit… I said barometer but I meant humidity gauge.

And I was just about to answer the barometer question! :sunglasses:

Anyway, humidity is easy, there are lots of humidity sensors. It just depends how accurate you need it to be.

These are on sale

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And they are great. I am fond of

Works like a charm, despite a battery level not very accurate, but who cares, it runs at 1% for 3 months on 2 AAA batteries so still better than one CR2450 every 2 months :wink:

I use a few Xiaomi ones for my bathroom fans, work fine and cheap from Gearbest.


I recommend the xiaomi sensors over the monoprix ones for humidity. Maybe I was doing something wrong but I tried to activate my bathroom fan by comparing humidity in the bathroom vs. the hallway. The monoprix sensor showed humidity in 5% increments (vs. Xiaomi in 1% incremebts.) This was often not enough to trigger the fan or turn it off when not needed anymore. Also, the xiaomi sensors seamed to react faster to humidity changes than monoprix.

I don’t know about monoprice ones but the Xiaomi ones seem to sample/respond fairly quickly. I can start my shower and 20 seconds later the fan starts up.

Which SmartApp are you using for this?

I am using the Xiaomi one which is less than $10 frequently.

I am using the zooZ 4-in-1 sensor - RV 1.2 DTH and I have 2 digits accuracy humidity reporting on the humidity tile (right now it’s 53.28%) and I can adjust the threshold in the settings to any value from 1% to 50% according to the code. I set to 55% my humidity trigger for my humidifier to turn on so I didn’t check if other value than 5% threshold would work. Putting 1% would increase the power consumption since the reporting frequency would increase. The threshold is a setting value sent to the sensor as a configuration. If it didn’t work on your side, this is maybe because the setting didn’t get applied. It can take several minutes to get it applied or you might have to press the hidden sensor button to request settings to apply.

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Yes, you are right… I missed that!

Which xiaomi humidity sensor do you guys recommend? I’m having a hard time locating it online. Thank you!

As mentioned above, you can find one at gearbest.

:roll_eyes: are you referring to the one that requires an adapter to plug into a us outlet? There is no link to a product above. Just mention of where it was purchased, although I could only find one there and it doesn’t mention being zwave compatible.